Regular maintenance includes: checking and cleaning the door seals, ensuring proper airflow around the fridge, and ensuring the temperature is set correctly.

A makeup fridge is a small refrigerator designed specifically for storing cosmetics and skincare products. It maintains a consistent temperature range suitable for preserving the integrity of beauty products.

Using a makeup fridge helps to extend the shelf life of cosmetics, prevents bacteria growth, and maintains the efficacy of temperature-sensitive products like serums, creams, and organic formulations.

Important features include: compact size, quiet operation, adjustable temperature settings, energy efficiency, and shelves or compartments for organizing different products.

We recommend placing the cosmetics fridge in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight, ideally in your bedroom, bathroom, or vanity area for easy access to your skincare and makeup products.

Yes. A makeup fridge typically requires a standard electrical outlet. Ensure the outlet is not overloaded with other high-power appliances.

Check the power connection, make sure the door seals properly, and ensure the fridge is not overfilled. Adjust temperature settings and allow time for cooling.

Ensure the fridge is on a stable surface and check for any objects inside that might be causing the noise. If the issue persists, visit for further assistance.

We recommend cleaning your makeup fridge every month to maintain hygiene.

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