US Initiative The Welcome Corps modeled after successful Canadian program

Danby Appliances CEO, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Jim Estill comments on the keys to US success in settling refugees “Welcome Corps”

Guelph, ON. Canada – January 19, 2023: The new US initiative “Welcome Corps” announced today that enables everyday Americans to help refugees adjust to life in their new country is something Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances is very well acquainted with. Having been deeply involved in Private Refugee Resettlement in Canada since 2015, Estill has sponsored over 500 refugees with the help of 800 volunteers.

As mentioned in the announcement today, the first 90 days are critical in settling refugees. Jim Estill has a formula in place for this and is happy to share this with the “Welcome Corps” teams. Each family who arrives is assigned 3-5 mentor families who work through checklists, things like registering the kids in school, finding a doctor and dentist, finding housing, furnishing it, helping set the family up in their new home, setting up a bank account, etc. These mentors are supported by job coaches, language tutors etc.

welcome corps

Upon hearing the announcement today Estill commented, “I am a big advocate of Private Refugee Resettlement. The United States will reap benefits from this program. That country, like Canada, was built by hard working immigrants, these refugees will be the same.  He further added, “Settling refugees not only helps the US, it helps the world.”

As noted by the Senior US State Official in today’s media call, the Welcome Corps and the US Government have learned many lessons and best practices from the Government of Canada and the successes seen not only through private citizens and business leaders like Jim Estill, but of programs put in place to settle large numbers of refugees and have them feel a part of and welcomed by their new community and country. Click here to know more about Danby Appliances.


Mr. Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances is available for comment on this topic, and the settlement of refugees. To schedule an interview please reach out to Meaghan Wilkinson, VP Communications at Danby Appliances;