Jim Estill, Owner of Danby Appliances Acquires Valcom, Empowering Stand-Alone Manufacturing Business

Jim Estill, Owner of Danby Appliances is delighted to announce the purchase of the Valcom Companies (“Valcom”) including Valcom Manufacturing, a distinguished manufacturing business specializing in antennas for military and commercial applications, and Valcom Consulting, a provider of professional placement services to the Canadian Public Sector. This acquisition reinforces Valcom’s long-standing presence both in Guelph and Ottawa. Stillwater Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor to Valcom.

The acquisition of Valcom is unique in that it will operate as a stand-alone entity within the Estill corporate structure. Valcom will retain its brand identity, management team and existing Guelph and Ottawa locations with its 250 employees and contractors, allowing it to preserve its distinct market position and continue serving its loyal customer base. This approach reflects Estill’s belief in fostering entrepreneurship and preserving the autonomy of acquired businesses.

Valcom has a well-established reputation for excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and consulting; consistently delivering superior products and exceptional customer service. By acquiring Valcom, Estill recognizes the value of its
expertise, resources, and customer relationships.

“We are thrilled to welcome Valcom into the Estill family as a stand-alone business,” said Jim Estill. “This acquisition aligns with our strategic vision to expand our presence in the manufacturing sector while honouring the unique strengths and identity of Valcom. We are excited about the opportunities it brings and the mutual growth we can achieve.”

As part of this acquisition, is the appointment of Howard Tuffnail, as President of Valcom, who brings over 30 years of extensive leadership experience, as a hands-on finance and operations executive that has delivered value by driving
financial performance, leading teams, and managing operations.  He is joining the company’s strong and dynamic
leadership team to oversee and collaborate on all day-to-day operations, ensuring continued growth and success.

“We are confident that Howard will lead the team with a collaborative spirit, fostering a culture of excellence and teamwork and help us take the company to the next level”, said Estill. “With a proven track record, Howard brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Valcom. With his dynamic leadership style, strategic thinking, and passion for driving innovation and growth, makes him an excellent fit to lead the company into the next phase of development.”

Valcom, as with all Estill companies, is committed to maintaining the high standards of  quality, customer service, and innovation that they are known for, solidifying  their positions as leaders in the industry.


About Jim Estill:

Jim Estill is a prominent Canadian  entrepreneur and philanthropist known for his successful leadership of a
diverse portfolio of companies. His commitment to business, innovation and  community engagement has earned him recognition as a visionary in the Canadian  business landscape.

Jim Estill photo