Jim Estill, Owner of Danby Appliances, Acquires Arctic Snowplows; Preserving The Identity Of Another Canadian-Owned Manufacturing Company

Jim Estill, owner of Danby Appliances, acquires Arctic Snowplows, a 55-year-old Canadian manufacturer. The acquisition aims to preserve Canadian manufacturing, with Arctic Snowplows remaining a standalone entity within the Estill corporate structure. Mike Schulz is appointed as President to oversee operations. This move strengthens Estill’s presence in the manufacturing sector, aligning with his commitment to keeping skilled trades in Canada.

LONDON, ON, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Jim Estill, Owner of Danby Appliances, announced that he has purchased Arctic Snowplows, a 55 year old Canadian manufacturer of plows, plow partners and spreaders built to fight winter in the True North. This acquisition further solidifies Estill’s mission of keeping manufacturing and skilled trades in Canada.

Arctic Snowplows will remain a standalone entity within the Estill corporate structure, alongside Danby Appliances and Valcom. It will retain its brand identity, management team and existing two Ontario locations in London and Burlington, as well as its Pointe-Claire, Quebec location. Built in Canada, for Canadian winters, Arctic Snowplows with all its employees, are committed to providing the highest quality service and products in the industry and will continue to manufacture, sell and support small and large businesses. “I am thrilled that Arctic will remain a Canadian company and all the staff are retained in their current location. I look forward to advising Arctic as they grow,” stated Dan Armstrong, outgoing President and Owner of Arctic Snowplows.

“The Estill corporate structure continues to grow in the manufacturing space. I am excited to have Arctic Snowplows a 50+ year old Canadian company as part of the portfolio, and growing the Arctic team’s legacy,” said Jim Estill. “There are economies of scale in the manufacturing space that can be realized by bringing under one house. Many synergies can be realized through learning and collaboration. We are excited about the best practices and growth that are to be recognized as we continue to grow organically and through acquisition,” noted Estill.

As part of this acquisition, is the appointment of Mike Schulz as President of Arctic Snowplow. With over 30 years of sales and sales management experience, Schulz brings with him extensive knowledge on growing brands and driving sales execution across North America. Most recently as head of North American consumer sales at Danby Appliances, he will be overseeing the day-to-day operations, bringing stewardship and servant leadership to Arctic Snowplows, ensuring continued growth and success. “I look forward to working with the Arctic Team to grow and continue to foster a culture of servant leadership and teamwork to grow nationally”, said Mike Schulz, incoming President of Arctic Snowplows.

Arctic Snowplow, as part of the Estill company portfolio, is committed to maintaining the high standards of quality, customer service, and innovation that they are known for, solidifying their positions as leaders in the industry. The Estill corporate structure is led by Jim Estill, and is made up of these Canadian companies; Danby Appliances, DDE Media, Valcom and most recently Arctic Snowplow. The acquisition was advised by Don McKinnon of Ernst & Young Orenda.

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