Danby Appliances Proud to Partner with #WelcomingEconomy for Refugees Campaign

Guelph, ON. Canada – June 7, 2023: Leading Canadian appliance manufacturer, Danby Appliances, is delighted to announce its partnership with the #WelcomingEconomy for Refugees campaign. This ground-breaking initiative aims to connect Canadian employers with the untapped wealth of talent possessed by refugees, fostering a stronger and more inclusive workforce across the country. The campaign, sponsored by the Refugee Jobs Agenda Roundtable, seeks to increase refugees’ access to meaningful employment opportunities in collaboration with employers, employment and immigrant-serving agencies, and government representatives.

Refugees Campaign

Co-chaired by The Honourable Ratna Omidvar, Rashmi Vohra of TD Bank Group, and Jim Estill of Danby Appliances, the Refugee Jobs Agenda Roundtable is at the forefront of driving positive change in the Canadian job market. Jim Estill, renowned for his commitment to social responsibility, highlights the profound impact refugees can have on the economy: “Welcoming refugees is a humanitarian investment that can yield huge economic dividends for Canadians. Refugees bring education, experience, and talent – along with initiative and determination – at a time when businesses are struggling to find and keep workers. The #WelcomingEconomy for Refugees campaign helps employers connect with resources they need to capitalize on the skills and talents of Canada’s refugees.”

Canada currently faces a severe labour shortage, with approximately one million job vacancies. As the nation’s birth rate declines and mass retirements occur, the country’s labour force growth will depend on immigration, including refugees. By embracing the skills and experience of refugees, Canada can unlock an untapped economic resource and address the growing demand for skilled workers.

The perception of refugees solely as individuals in need of humanitarian assistance is being challenged by the #WelcomingEconomy for Refugees campaign. Refugees who find sanctuary in Canada bring a diverse range of skills, talents, and experiences, coupled with resilience and perseverance. Statistics demonstrate that they are utilizing these abilities effectively, not only as valuable talent for employers but also as entrepreneurs who establish businesses, creating jobs and opportunities for themselves and others.

refugees coming together

Throughout the month of June, the #WelcomingEconomy for Refugees campaign will reshape our understanding of refugees and their contributions to Canada’s economy. Launched on June 1 by the Refugee Jobs Agenda Roundtable, a coalition of businesses and service organizations, this bilingual campaign aims to facilitate connections between employers and the refugee talent pool. Supported by 80 partner organizations nationwide, the campaign will provide practical assistance and resources to ensure successful recruitment and retention of refugee employees.

Danby Appliances is honoured to stand alongside esteemed partners in the #WelcomingEconomy for Refugees campaign, as we collectively strive to foster a diverse, inclusive, and prosperous workforce in Canada. Through this partnership, Danby Appliances reaffirms its commitment to social responsibility and recognizes the immense potential that refugees bring to our country.

For more information about Welcoming Economy for Refugees, please visit https://www.welcomingeconomy.ca/. To learn more about Danby Appliances and its philanthropic endeavors, please visit https://www.danby.com/corporate-social-responsibility/.

About Welcoming Economy:

The #WelcomingEconomy for Refugees represents a collaborative initiative led by employers nationwide, aimed at promoting the integration of refugees into the workforce. This comprehensive communication campaign focuses on sharing inspiring stories of refugee accomplishments, highlighting the compelling benefits of hiring refugees based on their qualifications, and showcasing the indispensable contributions refugees make to flourishing communities. Its primary objective is to inspire Canadian employers to actively embrace refugee employment opportunities.

About Danby Appliances:

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