Danby Partners Canada Ocean Racing’s Tour of Canada 2022

Danby  is a proud sponsor of the Canada Ocean Racing sailing team as they embark on a two-month tour of Canada.  This new project is focused on  participating in the famous Vendée Globe, a non-stop round the world race. Canada Ocean Racing has set out to build and lead a world-class offshore sailing venture in Canada, and in doing so, inspire the next generation, while creating a strong foundation for the continued development of the sport across the nation.

Canada Ocean Racing, founded by Scott Shawyer, a Southern Ontario native, is a new Canadian Offshore Sailing Team competing in the IMOCA Globe Series including the grueling Vendée Globe race. Training has recently begun as Shawyer and the team prepare for a series of offshore events leading up to the pinnacle event in 2028.

Canada Ocean Racing

“With the launch of Canada Ocean Racing, we have three clear objectives, stated Shawyer: to become the first Canadian to complete the Vendée Globe, to develop the sport of offshore sailing within Canada, and to build a successful business in the sport. We are a proud and adventurous nation and it’s time for Canada to compete on the world stage in singlehanded offshore sailing”. 

Scott Shawyer has partnered with legendary British round the world sailor Alex Thomson who has circumnavigated the globe five times.  “Each time I go round the world or across an ocean in a yacht I think to myself how could I make this slightly better – the answer is in having a few home comforts that make life onboard just a little bit more bearable… We have challenged Danby to help us make our crazy world of solo sailing that little bit more ‘pleasant’ and I look forward to seeing what they come up with!”

Danby and Canada Ocean Racing are brought together by Jim Estill, Owner and CEO of Danby Appliances. Shawyer and Estill share a love of technology and entrepreneurship.  “Danby Appliances is excited to dip our toe in the water and be a sponsor of Canada Ocean Racing” remarked Estill, “ I am proud to sponsor and support Scott while he follows his passion.”

Read the full Press Release here.

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