Danby Appliances Unveils new Dynamic Duo

new Dynamic Duo

Danby set to release 24” Range with built in TruAirFry technology along with an over the range microwave.

Guelph, ON/ August 18, 2022/ Danby Appliances Inc., unveils new dynamic duo product launch. Releasing its brand new slide in range with built in TruAirFry technology and its partner in crime the 24” Over The Range Microwave. This stainless steel appliance team are the perfect addition to ANY small space kitchen.

“These two units complement each other in a small kitchen to give more meal options and makes entertaining in a small space easier” states Product Manager Moumita Roychowdhury. She goes on to say “at meal times while chicken wings or fries are getting air fried in the oven, you can also cook other meals (potato, meats, veggies) in the microwave. Having the Air Fryer built into the ranges helps eliminate the need for an additional appliance, helping to save space in an already tight space”

24” Slide-In/Free-Standing Smooth Top Range with TruAirFry

At just 24” wide this new Dynamic Duo unit is packed with high end features to help put luxury into small space living. Features like a spacious oven with a 2.5 cu. ft. capacity, more than enough room for a 20lb turkey. That space is made available by the two oven racks with three adjustable positions giving you the flexibility to get the most out of your range. This oven also comes with an extra-large window, allowing you to check on your food without releasing the heat and prolonging your cook times.

Cleaning is a breeze with the ceramic glass cook top and removeable oven floor. Using just a finger you can pull the oven floor out and wash in your sink instead of spending time bent over with your head in the oven. The main feature of this range is the built in TruAirFry technology that gets you crispier tastier air fried foods.

What is TruAirFry you ask? This new Dynamic Duo unit has a built in heating element on the top of the oven. The fan then moves the hot air from the top of the oven to the bottom. The heat/fan technology from the top create a more concentrated heat which is more suitable for crisp outcomes when air-frying.  Many of the top air-fryers according to Good Housekeeping and Buyer’s Guide and all of their choices were top heat/fan. We’ve chosen to model our TruAirFry Range after the top air fryers on the market to deliver the results our consumers are looking for.

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What is Batman without his Robin?

Introducing the 24” Over The Range Microwave.
Like pairing a great cheese with a full bodied wine, this unit goes beyond complementing the Smooth top Range. With its 3-way venting system you can ensure that any smoke from the range is dealt with properly. The top, rear and re-circulating 2 speed 300 CFM vent fan comes with pre installed charcoal filters. should you forget to turn the fan on this unit automatically vents any smoke it detects.

With five built in cooking settings, Potato, Pizza, Meat, Vegetables and the classic Popcorn, you’re guaranteed to get perfectly cooked food with Danby’s Sensor cooking. The sensor detects humidity and turns off at the exact point when cooking is done. The sensor also works for reheating food and beverages.

With a soften/melt option you can get your butter just right for baking, or your ice-cream for eating. You can also defrost your food based on weight or time. For some added safety, this unit comes with a child lock to prevent little fingers from playing with the buttons.

About Danby Appliances:

Founded in 1947, Danby is one of North America’s leading manufacturers and distributors of compact appliances, such as microwaves, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. For more information on Danby and its products, please visit http://www.Danby.com. Follow Danby on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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