Danby 5.2 cu. ft. Beverage Center

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  • 5.2 cu. ft. beverage center stores up to 60 beverage cans (12 oz /355 ml) or 27 (750 ml) bottles of wine.
  • French door design provides separate temperature-controlled compartments for wine and beverages
  • Temperature range: can be set between 41°F – 64°F (5°C -18°C) for the wine compartment and 37°F – 64°F (3°C -18°C) for the beverage compartment
  • Superior fan Forced Cooling: Maintains an optimal and consistent internal temperature throughout the unit
  • Temperature memory reverts to last set temperature after a power failure
  • LED Interior Lighting: Illuminates the contents without using significant amounts of energy
  • Digital thermostat with blue LED display
  • Stainless steel door frame with dual pane glass and matching handle
  • 12-month warranty on parts and labor with in-home service


Whether you find yourself entertaining guests or needing more convenient refrigeration for your family, this supreme beverage center delivers style and practicality. This beverage center can be built into the counter or kitchen island and is perfect for entertaining in the kitchen, home bar, or man cave. Save fridge space for food or leftovers with this spacious unit offering 5.2 cubic feet (147 L) of cooling and storage space. Cool up to 60 (355 ml) cans or 27 standards (750 ml) bottles of your favorite wines on three stylish black-wire and glass shelves. This small refrigerator features forced air cooling, a touchless button LED display, and dual zoned temperature-controlled compartments offering an adjustable cooling range of 41°F – 64°F (5°C -18°C) for wine and 37°F – 64°F (3°C – 18°C) for beverages.

Product Dimensions
  • Product Width
    60.45 cm
  • Product Depth
    64.52 cm
  • Product Height
    88.39 cm
Package Dimensions
  • Package Width
    66.04 cm
  • Package Depth
    67.56 cm
  • Package Height
    95.25 cm
  • Product Weight
    112.4 lbs
    50.98 kg
  • Package Weight
    127.9 lbs
    58.01 kg

12 months parts and labor coverage with in-home service. Installation and/or yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.

Information pertaining to watts and camps can be found on the rating plated located on the side of the unit.
We do not recommend using an extension cord.
Yes, please allow it to sit upright for 6 hours before plugging it in.
This is normal. If you feel like it is coming on too often, adjust your temperature setting.
Our refrigerators are not designed for outside installation. This also includes anywhere that is not temperature controlled. ie. garages, porches, carports, etc.
Danby’s refrigerators and freezers operate at a sound level between 35 and 46 decibels. This is within the normal decibel range for modern refrigerators.
Is it plugged in and turned on? Did you allow the unit to sit upright for 6 hours prior to plugging the unit in? If yes, to all of the above and it is still not cooling, please contact consumer care.
Danby’s refrigerators are meant to be free-standing units. However, units can be built in as long as the space/ventilation requirements indicated in the owner’s manual are met. Do not fully enclose the appliance in a cabinet. The front of the appliance should be left open so that air can circulate around the appliance.
Our wine cellars and beverage centres are not designed for outside installation. This also includes anywhere that is not temperature controlled. ie. garages, porches, carports, etc.
Please consult your owner's manual. If too many bottles/cans are put in at once or the door has not been closed tightly, the unit will display the “HI” signal in the display panel. This is normal, please wait 5 minutes after you close the door and “HI” will disappear.
It is normal that the cabinet shows “HI” or “LO” from time to time. If it occurs frequently or lasts for a long time, you can restart the unit by unplugging it. If the problem occurs once again after restart, please contact customer service.
This will depend on your personal preference and the varietal you are storing. Sweet white wines are best stored between 41°F (5°C) and 46°F (8°C), while dry whites are best stored between 46°F (8°C) and 54°F (12°C). Reds are generally stored at a warmer temperature. Light to medium reds are best stored from 54°F (12°C) to 61°F (16°C) and full bodied reds are best from 63°F (17°C) to 66°F (19°C).