Ice Makers

Danby’s Portable Ice Makers –What You Need to Know

Why You Need a Danby Ice Maker

Why Choose a Danby Beverage Center


Bringing ice to a party or a BBQ is a lot simpler when you have a Danby portable ice maker. Each unit has a convenient drain plug at the back for quick and simple water draining.


Danby’s ice makers are compact in size and perfect for small living spaces. It is easy to set up and even easier to store.


Danby’s current line of ice makers can produce up to 25 lbs. of ice per day, which means you will never have to run out of ice again!

What to Consider Before Buying

Capacity & Storage

How much an ice maker can produce and store is an important factor to consider when deciding on which ice maker you should purchase. The ice production capacity indicates how much ice the unit can make in a 24 hour period. The ice storage capacity indicates the maximum amount of ice the unit can hold at any given time.

Ice Cube Sizes

The more variety the better! Not all portable ice makers can produce up to three different ice cube sizes – but Danby’s ice makers can!

Alarm System

This feature will put you at ease. You’ll never have to guess when the ice container is full, as a state-of-the-art alarm system will let you know.

Ice Maker Faceoff

Portable Ice Maker vs. Manual Ice Tray

Instead of filling a tray with water and placing it in the freezer, Danby’s portable ice makers freeze the water directly using a compressor and an evaporator to freeze and release the ice cubes into the ice bucket. Less time and effort is required. However, a portable ice maker is not a freezer; it will not keep stored ice frozen once it is made.

Portable Ice Maker vs. Refrigerator Ice Maker

No water line connection is necessary. Instead, water is added manually so you can bring your ice maker anywhere you want. Using clean bottled water, just fill the tank up to the “Max Fill Line” and press start!

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