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We Create Brilliant & Inspired Appliances For Your Life's Every Move.

Our vision is simple: to create brilliant & inspired appliances designed to fit your space and your every move. We love when a classic and intuitive design surprises with features to keep life organized and easy. We believe that thoughtful design is always in season.

We started our journey of inspiration over 65 years ago, and we remain a family-owned business. We began with a humble vision of creating truly innovative products that would offer big product features for small spaces.

Now we’re thrilled to be the leading refrigeration and specialty appliance company in North America, offering unique and inspired appliances loved by people continent-wide.

Like you, we move with the times by continually evolving the functionality and innovative features of our appliances. Not only do our appliances look good, they’re built great too – and you can feel secure knowing that our problem-solving team in North America is always just a phone call or email away.

  • Direct to Danby

    You’ve welcomed a Danby into your home and now our Consumer Care team wants to make you feel at home. We are always happy to hear your feedback and offer support. Our extensive network of North American service depots and consumer care centres are only a call or click away.

  • Raising the bar on warranties

    To ensure our customers are taken care of, Danby proudly offers the industry’s longest warranty and extended warranty options. Our products include standard 12 month, 18 month and 24 month warranties that include parts, labour and in-home service. We’re here to keep you moving forward.

  • Built to last

    We want you to feel good about purchasing a Danby. We know that buying a reliable and durable product at a wallet-friendly price is important to you, which is why we create our products around three principles:  smart design, smart craftsmanship, and smart price. It’s the smart move.

  • Wallet friendly pricing

    Beautifully crafted appliances at a price you can feel good about. If your wallet could talk, it would say smart move!

  • Proud to be family run here in North America

    We’re proud of our roots. Since 1947 our family ran business has grown from our Montreal location to several offices across North America.

  • We've found our niche

    Wow your guests with a specialty Danby appliance. Guests admiring the keg cooler housed within your basement bar will look and say, “Who makes that?” To which you will proudly reply, “It’s a Danby!”

  • Solutions for every life stage

    The smart move, for your every move. From your first place to your retirement retreat, Danby has an appliance solution suitable for every stage of your life.

Good things are happening & we’re moving with you.

Design every stage of your life to feel just like home. Whether you’re just starting out, building a family, planning for retirement or simply living the dream, there is a Danby perfect for your life’s every move.

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