Microwave Child Safety Locks

microwave Child Safety Locks
How To Disable The Door lock

Child Safety Locks For A Safe Cooking Environment

We are committed to ensuring that our products adhere to the latest safety regulations. Your safety is of the utmost importance, and microwave child safety locks will help to prevent injury.

The Underwriters Laboratories Standards Technical Panel for microwave ovens updated ‘UL 923, the Standard for Microwave Cooking Appliances’ to require two distinct actions to open the door of a microwave. In March 2024, child-resistant doors were regulated in order to reduce injury in children.

Microwave Door Locks

Danby microwaves are equipped with two types of child safety locking mechanisms. 

  1. To prevent the control panel from being activated.
  2. To prevent the door from being opened.

Refer to your owner’s manual for child safety lock instructions.

How To Disable Microwave Door Child Safety Lock

We understand that not every household requires child locks. Refer to the instructions below to disable your microwave child safety lock.

To disable the door lock, follow these simple steps:

Press 7
Press 9
Hold ‘Door Open’ button for 3 seconds
The word ‘Uloc’ will appear on the display

Your microwave child safety lock is now disabled.