What You Need to Know – Ranges

Electric vs. Gas Cooking Ranges

The kitchen showdown between electric and gas ranges can get pretty heated but in reality, they will both get the job done, just in different ways.

Electric Ranges

Electric ranges are easy to install and perfect for kitchens that do not have access to a supply of natural gas. Electric ranges are considered to be a lot safer than gas ranges because you are not cooking on an open flame and less of a hassle to clean.

Gas Ranges

Gas ranges heat up rapidly, and turn off instantly. You can also use the flame for additional cooking tasks such as roasting marshmallows and charring peppers. Installing a gas range is a lot more complex than electrical ranges and your kitchen must have the appropriate gas supply. Gas ranges are a lot more energy efficient and are cheaper to operate than electric ranges.

Before Installing

One size does not fit all and it is important to ensure you have enough space in your kitchen to accommodate your new range. Make sure you consider the overhead cabinets and how they would be affected by the cooktop heat. Danby’s gas and electric ranges measure only 20” – 24″ wide but have everything you would expect from a larger, high-performance appliance.

Gas Ranges

For gas ranges, we recommend contacting your gas company to confirm your kitchen meets all requirements for these units.
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