Air Conditioner Shortages a Concern

With hotter than ever weather expected across North America retailers are looking to increase inventory to avoid shortages.

March 23, 2023 Guelph, ON: As many celebrate the first day of spring this week and look forward to warmer weather, air conditioning companies, who install and repair HVAC, continue to deal with parts and labour shortages. With another predicted hot summer, and summer-like temperatures creeping into spring, consumers are starting to purchase air conditioners earlier than usual, catching some retailers by surprise.

The long-revered Farmer’s Almanac recently released their extended summer forecast for Canada and the US predicting “Sizzling Temperatures”. The hot weather warning has not gone unnoticed by many. An early spike in Air Conditioner sales has some retailers looking to boost inventory levels to avoid stock outs. Consumers, who are trying to beat the heat by purchasing portable and window until air conditioners at retail stores, do not want to risk store shelves being empty or have their AC unit go unrepaired for yet another season.


Danby Appliances is offering relief in more ways than one to both consumers and retailers by having air conditioner inventory on hand to provide immediately to those that don’t want to run short. Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances encourages retailers to reach out if they need inventory. “We at Danby are ready to help retailers with inventory to support this earlier than usual rush on air conditioners. If you are worried about keeping your customers supplied, reach out. Danby can help,” noted Estill.

Danby offers portable, window, and split air conditioners to suit any use and room in any home. To find out which air conditioner is right for any space, here is a blog that can provides some answers.

About Danby Appliances:

Founded in 1947, Danby is one of North America’s leading manufacturers and distributors of compact appliances, such as microwaves, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners as well as the Silhouette brand of wine and beverage centers. For more information on Danby, its products and brands, please visit or Follow Danby on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.