Danby 18” Stainless Built-In Dishwasher

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  • Space-saving Stainless Steel 18” built-in dishwasher for small space living
  • 8 place setting capacity and silverware basket
  • ENERGY STAR® compliant
  • Electronic controls with digital display provide easy select options with the touch of a button
  • Delay start feature: washing dishes shouldn’t be a chore, schedule your washing around your schedule
  • 6 Convenient wash cycles ranging from heavy, normal, eco, glass, rapid and rinse
  • 4 hot water temperature options and sanitize mode (up to 156°F/69°C)
  • Stainless steel inner tub for maximum durability
  • Designed to operate at 52 decibels, less noise than a normal conversation.
  • 12-month warranty on parts and labor with in-home service

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Danby’s 18” ENERGY STAR® rated compliant low-water consumption dishwasher saves time and money. This built-in model holds up to 8 place settings and one silverware basket. It has six wash cycles to choose from: heavy, normal, eco, glass, rapid, and rinse; 4 hot water temperature options plus sanitize mode (up to 156°F/69°C). This dishwasher is durable and built to last with its stainless-steel tub. The dishwasher is designed to operate at 52 decibels, which creates less noise and disturbance than the volume of a normal conversation. The delay start feature lets you pre-select the desired start time, so your dishes get washed on your schedule. With smart wash technology, dirty dishes are automatically detected, and a wash cycle similar to a short wash is performed. Take the pain out of washing dishes with the Danby 18” built-in low-water consumption dishwasher.

Product Dimensions
  • Product Width
    17 11/16"
    43.18 cm
  • Product Depth
    22 13/16"
    55.88 cm
  • Product Height
    32 8/16"
    81.28 cm
Package Dimensions
  • Package Width
    20 11/16"
    50.80 cm
  • Package Depth
    26 6/16"
    66.04 cm
  • Package Height
    35 7/16"
    88.90 cm
  • Product Weight
    54.67 lbs
    24.80 kg
  • Package Weight
    66.14 lbs
    30.00 kg

12 months parts and labor coverage with in-home service. Installation and/or yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.

Information pertaining to watts and camps can be found on the rating plated located on the side of the unit.
We do not recommend using an extension cord.
Check to make sure that the filters and drainage area are not clogged.
Try setting the unit to a high temperature. The unit can take up to 2 hours to heat up the cold water depending on the temperature setting.
Our units are designed to fit standard North American faucets.
Please refer to your owner's manual for specifications on how much room is needed between the unit and each adjacent wall.
Salt is not needed, however it is recommended. Note that if you do not use salt, the unit will still function, however the indicator light will remain illuminated.
Rinse aid is not needed, however it is recommended. Note that if you do not use rinse aid, although the unit will still function, the rinse aid indicator light will remain illuminated.
There is a protective layer of plastic that protects your control panel during transportation. This should be removed during installation.