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Danby Designer 7.4 Apartment Size Refrigerator

DPF074B1BSLDD This product is no longer available.
  • r600a
  • Energy Star
  • Danby Designer 7.4  Apartment Size Refrigerator - DPF074B1BSLDD
Danby Designer

Danby Designer 7.4 Apartment Size Refrigerator


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  • r600a
  • Energy Star
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Product Width 53.34 cm 21 5/8"
Product Depth 57.94 cm 22.8125"
Product Height 142.24 cm 56 5/16"
Shipping Weight 46.00kg 101.41lb


18 months parts and labour coverage with in-home service. Installation and/or Yearly Maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.


The temperature range of Danby’s refrigerators are between 32F-39.2F/0C – 4C. This is the normal temperature range for food safe appliances. Our refrigerators are capable of maintaining a wider range than the specified temperature, however it is recommended that the temperature is maintained between32F-39.2F/0C – 4C for food safety. Minor temperature fluctuations of 1-2 degrees are normal during operation as the refrigerator is equipped with sensors to maintain optimal temperatures.
Danby’s refrigerators and freezers operate at a sound level between 35 and 46 decibels. This is within the normal decibel range for modern refrigerators.
Doors can be reversed on the majority of Danby’s refrigerators. Door reversal instructions can be found in the owner’s manual. Video instructions can be found using this link:
There could be one of two things happening. You have the temperature set too high (too cold) or you are leaving food right under the vent or up against the back wall.
This is normal. If you feel like it is coming on too often, adjust your temperature setting.
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