The Best Appliances for Summer Hosting

Do you dream of throwing the biggest bash of the summer that everyone looks forward to attending? I’m talking about the party that everyone talks about around the city and looks forward to each and every summer. The get together others reminisce about for years and years! Everyone lives for those kinds of events so let Danby Appliances equip you with the must-have products for you to host the biggest summer party!

The Most Refreshing Portable Icemaker

To kick off the list, we are going to dive into the intricacies of Danby Portable Ice Maker. We all know ice is crucial to making a great drink. Gone are the days of going to store to pick up that big old block of ice and trying to break it into cubes for 3 hours with your neighbors sledge hammer. With this ice maker, not only does it spit out the cubes for you, but it is portable! You can pick up and move it around the house or have it permanently reside behind your bar. You’re getting the same old ice with much less mess and greater efficiency.

The Best BBQ Set on the Market

What is a summer party without a BBQ? Equip yourself with this BergHOFF BBQ set, so you will be locked and loaded for the season. This run of the mill BBQ set here features high quality, and durable stainless steel utensils protected in a foldable case. This BBQ set also makes a great Fathers Day gift as well!

The Perfect Food Chopper

Ice makers and BBQ sets; what more do you need for summer fun? Well, we can think of at least one more necessity that would make life easier. Can you say a Danby Food Chopper! Enjoy the convenience this small appliance offers. Not only can you use this kitchen helper to quickly whip up some homemade salsa, but lots of other things as well. Toppings for burgers, sauces, you name it.

Equipping yourself with these three appliances will certainly put you on the right track towards hosting the best summer party in your street, if not the neighborhood.

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