How do air conditioners work? Let Danby teach you

Summer has officially arrived and with that comes hot, humid weather. Along with harmful side effects like heat stroke and dehydration, humidity can also result in irritability, excessive body odour and having family and friends avoid you until autumn.  If you do not have central air, it may be time for you to install a Window Air Conditioner or Portable Air Conditioner, like the ones that Danby Appliances manufactures.

What people may not know is that effectively cooling air to bring the temperature of your house or apartment down is actually a very detailed and intricate process. The modern air conditioner was originally designed in 1902 to combat humidity and since then has been making the lives of future generations more comfortable.

Air conditioners work using the same basic operation as a refrigerator, they are designed to cool using the principle that when a liquid converts to a gas, heat is absorbed, thus resulting in a product that is cool. Refrigerants are the gases that are used in this case, as the gas (refrigerant) gets cold, a series of fans inside the air conditioner forces the air to move over the cool refrigerant filled coils and pushes the now cooled air into the room you wish to cool. This is done using hot coils, a thermostat, cold coils, fans and of course an electrical supply.

If you have ever used a portable air conditioner, you know that there is an internal basin inside the unit that collects water. Sometimes, on really hot or humid days, the process of cooling the coils in the unit generates moisture; this moisture collects in the basin in the form of water. The same can be said for window air conditioners; however, these do not have an internal basin. If you have installed a window air conditioner, you know that it should be installed on a slight angle; this is so that the water that is collected can run out of the unit and onto the ground. If you’ve ever walked down the street on a humid day and suddenly felt a drop of water on your head, chances are you’ve just walked under a window air conditioner.

As we know, humidity can be our worst enemy in the summer, what can start out as a nice day can suddenly be dampened by the moist, heavy feel of humidity, let us help you combat humidity this summer. Make sure you beat the heat by installing your Danby window or portable air conditioner. These units make a great addition to any home and will ensure that you remain cool!

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