10 Laundry Organization Hacks That Are Perfect For Small Spaces

Thanks to portable washing machines and dryers, just about anyone can pocket their change and leave the laundromat behind. But finding room for laundry supplies in an already-cramped space can be tricky.

These laundry organization hacks are perfect for small apartments, dorms, and other small spaces.

1. Keep Socks Together

Do your socks have a habit of vanishing in the wash? Place them in a mesh laundry bag. Soap and water will have no trouble passing through the holes, and the bag will keep the socks from getting lost in the jumble of clothing.

2. Make a Stray Sock Rack

If you do find some sock stragglers, hang them on a stray sock rack until its twin turns up. This storage solution doubles as an inexpensive piece of décor.

3. Store Supplies Above the Washer/Dryer

The wall space above your washing machine and dryer is an ideal place for a shelf to store detergent, dryer balls, and other supplies. You’ll save a great deal of time by having everything within arm’s reach.

4. Hang the on Hooks

Your ironing board doesn’t have to take up valuable closet space. Hang it on the wall instead. The T-shaped footing fits perfectly on a pair of coat hooks, as seen in this clever demonstration from the blog, Young House Love.

5. Make a Dryer Lint Bin

Keep finding dryer lint on the floor? Toss it in a covered lint bin instead of the garbage can. This lint bin tutorial uses a plastic mailbox, but any container with a lid will do. Plus, there are lots of useful things you can do with the lint you save!

6. Separate Lights, Darks, and Delicates

You know what they say: don’t put all your laundry in one basket. Instead, opt for several smaller bins for lights, darks, delicates. This laundry organization hack eliminates the need to sort through a single big pile on laundry day.

7. Build a Sliding Shelf

Put that gap between the washer and dryer (or the wall) to use. While this sliding shelf tutorial is designed for a kitchen pantry, the same idea could be used for laundry room organization as well.

8. Get a Portable Washing Machine

For truly tiny spaces, portable washing machines are the way to go! These apartment-sized appliances get your clothes just as clean and fresh as a regular washing machine, but with a footprint that fits rooms of any shape or size. They can even fit in bathrooms and closets!

9. Keep a Spare Change Jar

When you find loose change in the washer or dryer, chances are, it goes straight into your pocket — and back into the machine next wash. Break the cycle by keeping a spare change jar near your laundry area. Eventually, you’ll save enough change to treat yourself to a double-double.

10. Use Peg Board Storage

With a bit of handiwork, peg board can be used to store everything from mop and broom to laundry hampers and décor. This popular laundry organization hack maximizes your wall space at a fraction of the cost of custom shelving.