8 Tips for Small Space Living

Small Space Living offers many benefits. Cost of living is usually cheaper and you don’t need as many furnishings as you would in a larger space. It also inspires you to own only what you use.  However, living in a small space can have its challenges and it is important to find flexible solutions that work for your lifestyle.

Here are 8 tips for small space living.

1. Divide the Space

Divide living spaces so that each area serves a clear purpose. It is especially important if you are living in a bachelor or one-bedroom apartment to break up spaces. Separate the living area from the bedroom, kitchen, office space and so on.

If each space serves its own purpose, each can be maximized to its’ full potential. There are many (cost effective) ways to divide small spaces and partition off your home so that each area serves a specific purpose such as folding screens and curtains.

2. Use Mirrors and Artwork to Give the Illusion of More Space

Decorating with mirrors serves a dual purpose. Not only do they serve the obvious purpose of reflection, they also add depth to a room or hallway.

Try adding mirrors wherever possible to give the feel of a larger space. Artwork can also work wonders. Furnishing the space with landscape style artwork can bring the outdoors in and make the room feel spacious. Large artwork can also be a defining element to your small space.

3. Downsize Your Appliances

Small appliances are ideal for those who live alone, as well as couples. Danby’s compact appliances ensure that every inch of your small space is used to its full potential.

If your kitchen lacks storage, small appliances are your new best friend! They’re great for wet bars, apartments and condos. We offer a wide range or Compact Refrigerators and Microwaves —which are especially handy should you opt out of having a full-sized oven.

4. Buy Products Conducive to Small Space Living

Did you know there are certain brands that sell products solely to be used in small spaces? This can be very helpful when trying to decorate a small space. Although you might not be living in a dorm room, Dormify is a great resource for a well-curated selection of décor geared toward smaller spaces. Their products are just as ideal for small space living as they are for a college dorm. Of course, should you move to a larger space, these pieces can come with you.

5. Keep It Clean!

Clean your space regularly. Smaller spaces typically need to be cleaned more often solely because there is less room to roam and every inch is used. Making sure you clean as you go is an easy way to stay on top of things.

You can also devote ten minutes every day to cleaning or create a rotating list of tasks assigned to each night of the week.

6. Declutter Often

Going through your belongings frequently is a good way to keep your inventory down. We typically own far more than what we need to sustain us. In fact, many of us own things we have never even used.

Cutting down on clutter and un-used goods can be daunting at first so take it slow and use categories like ‘Garbage, ‘Donate,’ and ‘Keep.’ Once you’ve gone through all your belongings, using storage containers, shoe boxes, plastic storage carts and bins can help keep things organized.

7. Multipurpose Furniture

Purchasing dual purpose furniture is a good way to maximize your space. Since downsizing is on the rise, space-saving furniture is not difficult to find. These pieces of furniture combine style with storage (think trunk-style coffee tables, book cases, wall-mounted ironing boards, and sofa beds.) Multipurpose furniture can adapt to many situations and spaces.

If you enjoy DIYs, there are many projects you can do yourself.

8. Invest in the Areas Where You Spend the Most Time

Are you someone who enjoys lounging in your living room in the evenings? Or perhaps you spend most of your time in the kitchen. Whatever the case may be, investing in the areas of your space where the spend the most time ensures that your small space will feel welcoming and make you happy.

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