Wait! Don’t Throw Out That Dryer Lint!

Many people these days are trying to find ways to either re-use or recycle items, rather than just consigning them to the dump. A number of common household objects might seem like logical candidates for such an approach, but we suspect you have not yet considered dryer lint.

Wait! Don’t Throw Out That Dryer Lint!

The dryer’s filter collects the lint given off by your clothes, at which point the user disposes of it. This is a waste because it can actually be quite handy. Here are just a few interesting and creative uses for dryer lint.

Flammable Material

The main reason your dryer collects the lint is because it is quite flammable when heated. Thus, why not take advantage of the lint’s flammable properties? It can be excellent for helping to ignite campfires in conditions where natural tinder is either wet or unavailable.


Do you have an old chair that requires extra stuffing? Dryer lint can do the trick. Note: There is some element of risk to this suggestion as the lint is flammable. Do not, however, stuff objects that will have proximity to a heat source.

Use on Spills

Don’t like the cost of paper towel? Save your lint to soak up spills in the kitchen, garage, or family car. If you commonly wear cotton, the lint is biodegradable, so you can always bury it afterward.

Bedding for Small Pets

Instead of old newspapers, why not use lint for pets like guinea pigs and hamsters? This material is softer and makes for excellent nesting material. Note: Skip this recommendation if you use dryer sheets. Some of the chemicals from the sheets can leech into the lint, and exposure to them is bad for your pets.

Packing Material

Sending something fragile through the mail or moving to a new home? Use dryer lint to provide extra cushioning for your packed objects.


Need some extra material for your compost heap? Dryer lint is a good choice, as long as you don’t use dryer sheets. The chemical from the sheets can end up in your compost.

Mulch for Plants

Mulch helps plants retain water and stay warm during the colder months of the year. Dryer lint can act as mulch for both indoor and outdoor plants and will eventually break down into the soil. Avoid lint collected from cycles using dryer sheets.


Looking for an offbeat material for your next art project? Dryer lint can serve as the base material for all sorts of colourful and interesting “lint pics.” Google “dryer lint art” for some inspiration.

Make Your Own Paper and Papier-mâché

Want paper with an interesting texture and colours? Including dryer lint in the process will do just that for you. Dryer lint can also serve as an ingredient in the creation papier-mâché/paper mache.

Make Your Own Clay

If you want to raise your art creation skills to the next level, move on to clay. Instead of spending money at the local art store, you can create your own clay using dryer lint.

Image: tab1962