Kombucha Kegerators?

A while ago, we wrote about some of the reasons to use a kegerator… It boosts your home bar experience, gives you extra cold storage space, and it turns out you can serve more than just beer.

In fact, we recently shared a post on our Instagram and Facebook from our friends at Booch Organic Kombucha. The post showed how they use our dual-tap kegerator at their retail store for pouring kombucha!

Mike Brunelle from Booch Organic Kombucha had this to say about why they started using a Danby kegerator:

“Last year we attended [a trade show] in Toronto and noticed some of the other kombucha companies had brought small kegerators for pouring samples, while we had brought along bottles. We were pulling bottles from coolers on the floor and we quickly realized how convenient it would be to have one of these portable kegerators instead.”

We purchased a double-tap Danby unit with the intent of using for events, trade shows, and also for our staff at the brewery/office in London, Ontario. This was a huge hit, especially with our staff! Everyone loves pouring their own Booch straight from a tap.”

There was just one minor modification Booch had to make – the coupler. “Our Booch kegs use a ball-lock style coupler, so the only modification we make is to remove the Sankey D couplers that they come with and attach the ball lock style.” One easy swap makes this the perfect way to enjoy self-poured kombucha!

So why is this a big deal?

“These units have made it incredibly simple for small health food stores, produce markets, yoga studios, wellness centres and spas to serve Booch on Tap,” says Mike. “We are seeing a growing movement toward a zero waste lifestyle and people like the idea of refilling rather than buying single-use containers. Booch On Tap is a great way to move toward this concept.”

What else can you do with a kegerator?

Aside from beer and kombucha, you can serve pretty much any liquid with a kegerator. Soda, sparkling water, wine, even cold brew coffee! Some of these might require different modifications to your keg system, but if the goal is to have your favourite beverage on tap – anything is possible! Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual before making any modifications, as it might void your warranty.

One of the most important things to remember is to properly clean your kegerator if you’re switching between flavours or beverages. You don’t want your sparkling water tasting like stale ale, or your kombucha tasting more like sauvignon blanc.

Beer kegerator that can be converted into kombucha kegerator

So, whether you’re an avid beer drinker or kombucha connoisseur, a kegerator is your solution to all your entertaining and beverage-dispensing needs.

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