Advantages of Having a Front-Control Range

Whether you’re replacing an old stove or building your dream kitchen, there are a multitude of things to consider. How much space do you have? Do you want a freestanding or slide-in range? Stainless steel, white, or black finish?

And, there are probably some things you never even thought about considering – like do you want range controls on the front or at the back of your appliance?

It may sound trivial – but do you really love reaching over a hot pot of boiling water to turn off the burner? Did you know steam burns can be much more damaging than burns from flames or even boiling water? By having range controls at the front of your unit, you avoid being hit by steam off a boiling pot or hot splatter from a greasy frying pan. Also, if there is an emergency (like something catching fire) you don’t want to be reaching over flames to turn off the element.

Also consider the average woman in the United States is 5’4” tall. If she is the one tasked with preparing food for her family, she is constantly reaching over hot pots and steam to turn the elements on and off. Having the controls at the front make things much easier – and accessible.

Front-range controls also make your appliance ADA compliant. This means it is possible (and quite easy) to use if you are in a wheelchair or have other mobility issues.

Some worry that having the controls on the front will pose safety concerns – especially with children. Danby’s ranges (and other brands with front-controls) have push-and-turn knobs – which means you (or any children) won’t accidentally turn on an element when walking by the stove. You can also purchase knob covers or locks for your range – these help prevent accidents and very determined children from turning on an element.

Aesthetics are another thing to consider – especially if you are building the kitchen of your dreams. Having the controls at the back often serves a dated look that won’t work in most modern kitchens. Front controls mean a more seamless look in newly designed kitchens – for models without a back console it means your beautiful new backsplash is uninterrupted.

No matter the reason for considering a range with front controls, there are more pros than cons going this route.


  • No reaching over steam or fire
  • ADA compliant
  • Push-turn knobs for safety
  • More modern look


  • Knobs accessible to small children
  • Sometimes more expensive (varies by brand)

The Danby 24” Electric Ranges are a great combination of freestanding and front-controls – creating a hybrid range. Click here to check them out – or search “Danby electric range” for a retailer near you!

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