The Best Ways To Use Kegerators

Have you ever wondered what you could use a kegerator for? Many people will know they can use it to dispense beer, but did you know it offers more than just that? Keep reading to discover how useful owning a kegerators can actually be.


Boost Your Home Bar

Do you have a bar in your home? Many people do if they have an entertainment room in their basement. With home bars, many are limited to drinks that come in cans or bottles they can store in a fridge behind the bar. However, this may not fit all your needs. Adding a kegerator to your home bar is a fantastic way of increasing its capabilities. This allows you to install taps and dispense your beer that way. Many people claim beer tastes better when it comes from a tap. It also allows you to dispense larger quantities before you need to purchase more alcohol, which can be convenient if you cannot always make it out to the store on a regular basis.

Be a Good Party Host

If you are hosting a dinner party, it is often economical to dispense a larger quantity of one or two types of drinks rather than smaller quantities of a wide range of drinks. This is where having a kegerator can come in handy. You can have a larger amount of your favourite beer and easily dispense drinks to your guests. This also allows you to cut down on waste. Instead of having to deal with lots of bottles and cans, you can provide guests with glasses and reuse them throughout the night by refilling their drink

use kegerators

It Doesn’t Have To Be Be

While the most common beverage people will put in their kegerators is beer, this does not need to be the case. You can serve a myriad of beverages, including countless flavors of soft drinks. However, we would recommend cleaning your kegerator thoroughly every time you switch from soft drinks to beer or from beer to soft drinks. Make sure you check your kegerators o-rings and beer lines. This helps eliminate the taste of beer in your soft drinks. When serving soft drinks through a kegerator, you also need to keep fermentation in mind. After you fill your keg with your chosen soft drink, be sure to take steps to purge excess air by attaching your carbon dioxide gas canister to your keg. Once attached, you need to pull the safety valve for roughly 10 seconds to purge the air.

Use In Between Kegs

Sometimes you may not have a keg inside your kegerator. Does this mean you have no use for it? No, it does not. You can use it as an adapted mini refrigerator and store other drinks in cans or bottles. You could even put some snacks, if they require a cooler storage temperature, inside your kegerator when you have space. Whether you use a kegerator for one of the items on the list, a couple of the items, or all of them, it is clear that a kegerator is an excellent investment in your home for dispensing and storing beverages. If you are thinking about buying one, check out Danby’s offering today!

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