What Every New Oenophile Needs To Know About Wine Coolers

Have you just started getting into drinking different wines lately? Is your collection starting to grow? Do you want to start aging some wine?

While many seasoned wine aficionados already have a wine cooler or have built wine cellars, new oenophiles may not know exactly what they need to do in order to take care of their wine properly. If you find you are getting into wine and are building your collection, you may wish to invest in a wine cooler. While many use their regular refrigerator as a substitute, this is not the ideal solution. Instead, look at wine coolers. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Tips for using a wine cooler

Control The Temperature

While many regular refrigerators have some form of temperature control, you cannot isolate your wine bottles and store them at a different temperature. Likewise, you cannot control the temperature of wine in your cupboards. However, most wine coolers will have one temperature-controlled area for your wine. Some even have two! This ensures you are able to store your wine at the appropriate temperatures for the best aging and taste results.

Save Refrigerator Space

If your wine collection is growing and you have previously stored it in your main refrigerator, note that wine coolers can still help you control the temperature while also freeing up space for food and other things in your main refrigerator. This way, you do not have to sacrifice certain foods during your weekly grocery shop because you have wine bottles taking up lots of space.

Protect From The Light

One of the things new oenophiles may not be aware of is the effect of light on the quality of their wine. Storing wine where UV rays can get to it can compromise the taste, particularly when you are trying to age wine. The good news is that wine coolers are equipped to manage this. They are designed to block out the harmful rays and light while also allowing you to display your wine. This way, you can rest comfortably knowing your wine is safe inside the cooler rather than starting to turn bad from the light.

Proper Storage Position

In most stores that sell wine, the majority of their collection is standing up. However, as a new oenophile you may not know that this is actually not the ideal way to store your wine. Why? It has to do with the cork in your bottle. Your cork will deteriorate over time, causing oxidation because of the air seeping into the bottle from the cracks in the cork. Many wine coolers will allow you to store your wine on its side. This allows the cork to remain in contact with the liquid. This keeps the moisture in the cork, which allows the cork to maintain its size. It may even expand slightly, which further prevents air from seeping into your wine bottle.