24” Appliances Make Your Little Kitchen Look Bigger

No matter how big your kitchen is, you could always use a bigger one. This is a common sentiment for anyone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, but unless you’ve just won the lottery, moving up to a bigger kitchen is most likely not in the cards. You could always renovate, but that takes large amounts of time, money, and space.


The next best thing to actually getting a bigger kitchen, is to simply make your existing kitchen look bigger!

Here are a few tips on how your kitchen can appear more spacious.

Clean out Clutter

Instead of piling pots and pans in the sink and on the counter, pop them in the dishwasher. Put away any leftover food and get those cook books back into the cupboard (these steps also help preserve the illusion that you are a master chef whose food is so good, there is never any left!). Food preparation areas free of obstructions make your counters look more expansive.

There is nothing wrong with keeping a select few, frequently used items within easy reach. Everything else, however, should stay out of view.


Everything Keep all of your kitchen containers organized by type and tucked into corners. Having no loose, scattered items on the counters makes the surface area seem greater.

Update the Look

If you paint your cupboards the same colour as the surroundings walls, they blend in better. Sharply contrasting colours create very noticeable boundaries, which cause an area to seem more congested. This is a relatively easy way to make your kitchen look bigger and a form of maintenance most homeowners undertake every few years anyway.

24” Appliances

This is arguably the most effective method. The majority of kitchen appliances range in size from 30” to 40”, but what if you went smaller? Compact living spaces are popping up all over the place as cities are increasing in density and available space is decreasing. The average condo size in Toronto has dropped to 739 square feet (down from 816 in 2009). It’s not uncommon to see condos as small as 300 square feet.

But with smaller living spaces, owners need to downgrade large items like the kitchen appliances. Condo sized appliances (at the 24-inch) mark are now common purchases for people in large cities like Toronto. If you have a small kitchen, why not gain some space back by purchasing 24-inch appliances?

Smaller fridges, ranges, washing machines, and dishwashers not only gain back actual usable space, they will help your kitchen to look larger as well.

This is due to the illusion of forced perspective. We perceive how large or small something is by referencing other known items in view. If you see a person standing next to an elephant, it gives you an idea of the relative size of the elephant. The same thing would be happening in your kitchen.

Tiny appliances will make a smaller kitchen look huge! They also use less energy and that helps to keep your monthly costs down.

Whether you would like smaller appliances that make your kitchen look bigger or just wish to upgrade to the latest models, Danby has a range of appliances that can accommodate your needs. Visit our internet sales area for additional details, special offers, and ordering instructions!

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