Danby’s Craft Beer Guide for Beginners

How to get started exploring the world of craft beer?

If you’re just getting into enjoying the world of craft beer, you will find it is quite exciting to try all the different brands and specialties of craft beers available on the market.  With so many options of craft beer to try, it probably would take you a whole lifetime to explore and sample all of them. So where do you start? The best way to begin your craft beer exploration is by starting local. Not only do you get to support your local community but you can learn a lot from these micro-breweries by visiting them and even participating in sample tastings or tours.

How to properly store craft beer?

Like fine wine, one of the biggest enemies of craft beer is direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Danby recommends storing your specialty beer in cool areas, away from sunlight and in a constant temperature. According to Craft Beer Academy:

  • Strong beers should be stored around 55-60 °F (12.78 – 15.56 °C)
  • Standard Ales like IPAs and stouts prefer to be slightly chillier at 50-55 °F (10 – 12.78 °C)
  • And for lighter beers, 45-50 °F is preferred ( 7.22 – 10°C)

RULE OF THUMB: High alcohol content beers favor warmer temperatures while the opposite is true for beers with lower alcohol content. 

Maintain optimal beer storage conditions by investing in a separate craft beer fridge – either with a mini-fridge or a beverage center. Danby’s compact fridges provide all of the benefits and performance of a full size appliance in a fraction of the space, making them the perfect bar fridge. Danby’s beverage centers provide a beverage storage solution that is specifically optimized for the storage of 355ml cans and/or 750ml bottles.

A kegerator or keg cooler gives you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite brew straight from the tap and in the comfort of your home.  This refrigeration system is specifically built to keep a keg chilled using a carbon dioxide tank that requires charging, and what is known as a ‘D System Keg Coupler’. This system is designed to tap most brands of domestic kegs in the United States and Canada.

Whether consumed from a tall can, a frosty mug or a pint glass, Danby has a product for you! Once you start, it won’t take long for you to truly become a ‘craft beer buff’. And like any other food or drink enthusiast you want to make sure you take are equipped with the right tools to conserve your collection –so why not consider a craft beer fridge or kegerator?

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