Cookware 101: understanding the anatomy of a pan.

Did you know inferior cookware starts to break down quickly and has to be replaced about every 5 years? This means the average person will discard about 9 cookware sets in their lifetime! Understanding the anatomy of a pan will help you select the perfect set for your cooking needs.


The base of your cookware determines the heat transfer from stove top to ingredients. A good base transfers heat in an even and uniform way throughout the entire surface without the risk of creating hotspots which results in local burning. The base on stainless steel cookware is usually 3-6 layers of metal, commonly stainless steel, aluminum, copper, ferro (iron).


Common materials used for the body are stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron. Stainless Steel cookware is high in demand because it is versatile, strong/durable, hygienic & corrosion resistant. Aluminum is the most common as it is lightweight, has very good thermal conductivity, and is the most economical of the metals used. Although cast iron heats slowly, it is popular for slow cooking, grilling, and Dutch ovens as they can retain heat better than any other material.


A good lid keeps the heat inside the pot which results in faster heat-up, maintains nutritional values of the ingredients, and keeps ingredients juicy and moist. The lid can be made of the same material as the body or from glass. Glass lids are convenient as they make it easier for you to monitor the cooking process without having to peek inside.


Handles and knobs determine the comfort of working with cookware. Handles made from phenolic resin stay cool while cooking but can’t be used in the oven, whereas handles on cast iron cookware can be used on a stovetop as well as in the oven – be sure to wear oven mitts! BergHOFF offers cookware with detachable, screwed on, riveted, and spot-welded handles.


A non-stick coating enhances the release of food by acting as a barrier between the food and the body of the pot or pan. BergHOFF uses a new generation multi-layered, green non-stick coating – products are PFOA-free and contain no lead or cadmium. Non-stick FernoCeramic and FernoGreen coatings are strong, durable, and can stand temperature of up to 300°C – remember to use soft utensils, like wood, bamboo and silicones.

Choose an environmentally BergHOFF cookware and it will last you a lifetime! Many styles and sizes to choose from at the Danby Outlet Store.

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