Why You Need Two Refrigerators

There are many reasons why you might want to have 2 refrigerators. Consider the story of Lisa and Pete GrangerThey bought a house that came with a second refrigerator in the garage. They both intended to get rid of it eventually. BUT then, they started using it. And they discovered what many families already knew – that a second refrigerator is indeed very handy! 

Here’s why: 


Stocking Up 

The Grangers are a family of that includes 2 teenage boys. They go through a lot of milk and other beverages. As a result of this, they got into the habit of buying twice the amount they needed and storing it in the second refrigerator. This eliminated extra runs to the convenience store. 


Extra Storage 

Because the Grangers love to cook and often host large family dinners and parties, they need that extra storage for the overflow of casserole dishes, baking and other meal leftovers. They don’t have to use up space in their main kitchen refrigerator and everything is always easy to find.  

Lisa and Pete also have a backyard garden plot. They like to have fresh and healthy ingredients on hand when their family cooks together. So much of the produce ripens all at once, and the extra storage is handy for all the extra herbs and veggies. 


Everything is Easier to Find 

All the extra foods and beverages can get stored in the second refrigerator. Everything is always easy to find in both refrigerators since clutter in both is reduced. You won’t forget those extra leftovers in the back of the fridge since you can see everything clearly! 


You Can Hide the Temptations! 

When your favourite ice cream goes on sale and you want to buy an extra container or two, you’ll have the extra freezer space to store it in that second refrigeratorThe temptation is not staring you in the face and you can indulge only when you really want to. 



Should your main kitchen refrigerator ever fail, you’ll have a back-up, and it will be less of a disaster! But before you accept that free older refrigerator from your neighbour for your second refrigerator, there are a couple more things to consider:  


Energy Consumption 

If your garage is not heated, it’ll already be plenty cold in the winter, leaving your second refrigerator not having to work quite as hard as it would inside your homeBut not so fast! What about the summer months when it is scorching hot in the garage?  

You will still have to take into consideration the energy consumption of that second refrigeratorKeeping an old refrigerator can be a costly mistake when you consider your utility bill. Great strides have been made in refrigerator energy efficiency in recent years. A 1986 era refrigerator uses 1400kw hours of electricity in a year, while a new energy-efficient model uses only 350kw hours. That’s a significant reduction in cost!  

If your refrigerator is more than 15 years old, you may qualify for the Ontario hydro fridge pick up program.  



Two refrigerators can also take up a lot of space. Your second refrigerator need not be a large one. If you like to entertaina second refrigerator under-the-counter for drinks may be perfect for you.  New models come in all different colours and sizes and there is a compact refrigerator for any space.