How to Incorporate the Retro-Style Appliance Trend Into Your Kitchen

Anyone can add colour to their kitchen using light fixtures, backsplashes, accessories or floor tiles — but fewer venture into the realm of appliances beyond the standard colours. A bright-red fridge or yellow stove is a brave statement (perhaps not for the faint of heart) but retro-style kitchen appliances are making a bold comeback 

Adding a vintage-inspired appliance can completely change the personality of your space. With funky, playful and charming elements that use colours and emphasize personality, these unique additions will last a lifetime!  

Kitchen appliances are becoming smarter and sleeker by the second. No matter what your style – classic, retro, or modern – there’s an appliance that will fit. Many consumers today are restoring homes and seeking to complete their projects with vintagelooking appliances.  

Consider Your Space  

So, you’ve made the decision to implement retro-style appliances into your space. But how will they fit into your kitchen? Consider making one of these design moves to help your stylish new addition look seamless. 

  • Decorate with subdued, pastel colours like mint green, dusty rose or citrus yellow for an authentic retro look 
  • Create a retro kitchen diner, combining the kitchen and dining room into an inclusive family dining space. 
  • Incorporate colourful accents, like vintage prints, cookware, shelving and lighting fixtures, in combination with your retro appliances. 

Decide on Appliances 

Which appliances are you going to incorporate into your space? If you’re new to bold colour, perhaps you’d like to start with small kitchen appliances — a toaster, mixer, slow cooker, coffee maker, kettle, or pasta maker. Thanks to the retro appliance trend, you can get all kinds of gadgets with vintage flair! 

To dive right in, you consider a retro-style refrigerator, mini-fridge or stove 

Ensure Proper Code Compliance  

Once you’ve decided how your appliance will work in your space, it’s time to cover your bases.  

If you plan to use authentic retro appliances – perhaps you’ve inherited a period appliance that seems to be in working condition – there are many things you should consider prior to installation. To start, be sure that it’s safe for use. For ranges, check parts like flash tubes and oven pilots for rust or loose connections.  

Clean all pieces inside and out. If you’re installing a retro refrigerator, make sure that the gasket seals tightly and that the coolant leaks properly. Lastly, have an experienced technician or your gas or electric company inspect it to make sure that complies with safety codes.  

If your appliance needs a complete retrofit, many companies recondition old appliances, but it’s often less pricey to purchase a brand-new retro-style appliance.  

Choose New Retro Appliances  

If you choose to go the modern retro route, you can bypass code compliance and start shopping! Look for new appliances with vintage appeal. There are many styles to choose from, including these retro classicsWhen shopping for retro appliances, consider colour, hardware and overall style.  

Danby’s Contemporary Classic collection makes a bold statement, with a full range of retro-style appliances reimagined for the modern consumer. Our exclusive retro-inspired curved door design, metallic door and chassis finish, door lock, rubber-grip ergonomic chrome handle and stylized chrome worktop, its exterior features are only outmatched by its signature black interior. Even better, they’re Energy Star® compliant and use eco-friendly refrigerant.