The Story Behind Your Contemporary Classic

Why settle for just “functional” when it comes to your favourite appliances? The Contemporary Classic is #BreakingBland among traditional fridge design, and breaking perceptions. Get the full design story here!

“Compact refrigeration has become little more than a utility in the mind of consumers. This is a category of products fraught with bland engineering and monotonous design.” – Bryan Cunningham, Danby Industrial Designer

Whether it’s graphic design, writing, or industrial design – all of these fields began with a utilitarian purpose based on functionality.

When it comes to the design of your fridge, why settle for just functional? We decided to inject meaning through divergent thinking and eloquent design with our Contemporary Classic.

We wanted to be the leaders of #BreakingBland, leading the change behind breaking the cycle of bland design among fridges – starting with our Contemporary Classic.

You’ve seen it in your homes, on our social media, and in your favourite stores – but we’ve decided to share the design story behind the collection, just for you.

Check it out!

Let us know in the comments below and on our social media about appliances you want to see redesigned, so we can all move towards #BreakingBland!