5 Fall Essentials For Your Best Season Yet

As the morning air chills to a crisp and the leaves shift to auburn hues, it’s becoming clearer that Fall is upon us!

You can feel it in the air (literally).

Fall is well underway, with Winter in the horizon, quickly approaching! Fall means cooler weather, sweaters, and best of all – amazing, home-made recipes that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Most people take Fall in stride, but why not take advantage of Fall and make the most of it?

Here are 5 fall essentials to take your season from sleepy to productive!

Get active and embrace the weather!

Morning run during the summer? You’ll be sweating buckets in no time. Morning run during the fall? Perfection.

Fall is the perfect time to get momentum going for winter when it comes to getting physical; light-exercise in the morning-time especially can be the perfect start to your day. Whether you’re in business, design, school, the arts – exercise is the universal method for getting closer to your goals, whatever they may be. Take it from leading entrepreneur Ramit Sethi, author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”:

Whether it’s in the gym or outside, as little as 15 minutes of light-exercise can significantly boost your mental capacity, mood, and productivity for the day; a little exercise is the difference between heading back to bed defeated, or making the day truly yours. Here’s a few great tips for your morning exercise routine to consider as fall essentials to get you on the right track.

Get out, and get local!

Fall markets are not only vivid and colourful, but healthy too!


Fall markets are not only vivid and colourful, but healthy too!

Fall is the perfect time to get out on the weekends, and explore all the shops, festivals, and events that your city has to offer! Here’s a few possibilities to explore after work, in the mornings, or during the weekends:


      • Head to a local park for a walk – maybe even with a canine friend

      • Take a weekend to visit a local store you’ve never been to

      • Head to a weekend festival or fall market to stock up on fall essentials

      • Pick a local restaurant to explore seasonal dishes

    Winterize your air conditioner, and check your temperature!



    Danby’s portable air conditioners help avoid the process of winterizing your normal A/C!

    “Winterizing” or shutting down your A/C properly is an essential part to extending the life of your air conditioner, and getting the most out of your purchase. Why do it the right way? Because there’s nothing worse than starting up your A/C/ in the spring, and having hot air blow out! How can you winterize your A/C the right way? Here’s a step by step guide:


        1. Clean out the surrounding area of your A/C unit, clearing away leaves, debris, and consider washing the unit with a hose to remove dirt and dust.

        1. Install pipe covers (foam) around exterior exposed pipes. This helps to protect the pipes from cracks and bursts during freezing temperatures!

        1. Cover the top of your unit – whether it’s with a square of plywood, a vinyl or plastic cover to protect against water, snow, and ice damage.

        1. Check your air conditioning unit every 1-2 weeks to ensure it stays free of water, snow, and ice.

      Stock up on Fall foods; lookup nourishing recipes!

      Fall Essentials


      Pumpkin soup, cloves, and squash are all nourishing for the fall season.

      Squash, corn, yams, apple cider, pumpkin spice – these are some of the delicious, nourishing foods that come to mind when we think of Fall. With cooler weather keeping you indoors more often than summer, why not take advantage of these autumn flavours? Fall is the perfect time to rediscover your love of food with a few simple recipes that are easy, and delicious.

      For a few delicious recipes, be sure to check these awesome recipe resources.

      Go contemporary – go classic.

      Like many of us, you’re probably redecorating your home as a welcome to Fall. If you want to turn your space into a contemporary one, then why not start with the most fall essential piece?

      If your fridge could use a makeover, then think about going contemporary. Go classic.



      Danby’s Contemporary Classic is a must-have for the optimal Fall kitchen.

      For more on Fall essentials and awesome appliances, checkout Danby’s blog for future updates!

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