How To Makeover Leftovers

Sometimes you might make too much food for your family. On the other hand, perhaps you simply could not make a smaller recipe and you are only cooking for one or two people. In any case, leftovers are all too common. Unfortunately, too many people just throw out what they do not eat, which results in a lot of wasted food. However, even if you do eat your leftovers, things can get boring if you have a lot to eat. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can try to jazz up your meals and makeover leftovers.

makeover leftovers

Make a Salad

Did you make a roast chicken? Do you have some tofu left over from last night? Shred your chicken and make sure your tofu is cubed—then, throw them on a salad. Shredded chicken makes a great addition to Caesar salad, but you can choose any dressing you wish. Add in other vegetables, especially if they are also leftovers, and add them to your salad too. Not only is this a change of pace, it is also healthy for you!

Use It as Stuffing

Did you know that many dishes make for a perfect stuffing? Not in a whole chicken or turkey, but for peppers, mushrooms, and similar products instead. Fried rice makes a great stuffed pepper—especially if it is a southwestern rice dish—and pasta can make your Portobello mushrooms simply delicious. You can also stuff zucchinis, tomatoes, and other fruits as well as vegetables. Simply find something you like and try to stuff it with your leftover food!

Create a Sandwich

Sandwiches are the perfect portable lunch. You may not want to take turkey, gravy, and stuffing with you everywhere, but making yourself a turkey sandwich can be the perfect alternative. You can even change things up from your regular turkey dinner by adding lettuce, a different sauce, or anything else you like to your sandwich. Use slices of bread or you can wrap up your leftovers in tortillas instead.

Make a Pizza

Just about anything can be a pizza topping. Do you have leftover buffalo chicken? Put it on some pizza dough and add some sauce and cheese. Do you have a collection of leftover roasted vegetables? You can put those on a pizza too! Gone are the days when pizza was just tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. If you want, you can even wrap the toppings inside the dough and make your pizza into a calzone instead.

Pour Some Soup

Many of our leftovers can make a perfect soup. Sometimes, you only need to add some broth and simmer the perfect chicken or vegetable soup. You can even make a chicken vegetable soup and get rid of still more of your leftovers! Depending on the consistency, you may also makeover leftovers into a stew or chili.

With all of these ideas, you are still eating the same food. However, you are giving your leftovers a different dressing, which makes it seem as if you are eating something completely different. The next time you have leftovers, be sure to keep this list in mind!

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