5 ways to set up a Home Office in your Living Space

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us that are used to working in an office, are being forced to work from home. This can be challenging, as it’s hard to adjust to a setting that you’re used to ‘living’ in, not ‘working’. Luckily, you don’t need to take up a full room in your home to have a stylish and productive workspace. With a little creativity, you can make almost any space in your home into a feasible and comfortable work space.

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate a small home office in your living or dining area.

Behind the Couch

If you have a seating area pushed off to one side of the room, placing a work desk behind your sofa is an excellent use of your space. Add a comfortable desk chair and table lamp and you’ll have a personal workstation that’s tucked into your living area without looking cramped or feeling out of place. Add even more comfort and “office like” products with a mini fridge, air conditioner, or dehumidifier, to make it as comfortable as possible.


Open Office Space

If you have a large living area and don’t need to worry about taking up space, carve out a specific area for a home office and let it be the focal point. It can be placed in front of a main wall or credenza, providing a stylish and modern way to create a formal office space even if you don’t have the extra bedroom to convert into an office. A large area rug is a nice touch to welcome a homely environment into your home office, and delineate the workspace from the rest of your home.

Set up a mini work desk

Much like taking your computer to Starbucks to work on your next article/project/etc., a small area that’s dedicated to honest work is all you need. If you’re pressed for space in your home, consider a mini work desk instead of a full-sized desk. It’s a great way to fill unused wall space without cluttering up the rest of your decor. Tuck a small table in an unused corner where you can set up your laptop or get some quality reading done. If you’re really pressed for space, convert a portion of your dining table or kitchen island into your new work zone.

Line up a Workstation

Setting up multiple desks along an open wall is a great way to establish a set workstation that can be used by the entire family. If you’re a family with kids, you’re already stuck helping with homework each night, so this is a useful way to utilize your space and give each person a specific homework area that won’t take up too much space in your home. To keep up with the design aesthetic in your living space, consider a set of matching chairs and desks to make your home office feel like home.

Optimize Shelving

Rather than rows of bookshelves stacked as high as the ceiling, opt for wall-mounted shelving to maintain storage while saving on floor space. A compact wall shelving unit can provide just enough room to create a laptop workstation to get all your work done. If your workspace is smaller, it won’t feel as strict as going into the office downtown. Pull up a chair and fill the shelves with plenty of books, files, and office supplies to create an organized workspace that is both stylish and functional.

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