Earth Day, Every Day.

At Danby, we believe it’s important to Do the Right Thing. That’s why we constantly innovate and work towards reducing our environmental impact. We have an extensive reverse logistics process in place to reduce the amount of waste from our products entering landfills. Our warehouse and office recycling programs get better and more efficient every year, again helping to reduce the waste that we contribute to landfills. And, our product line is largely made up of Energy Star compliant products.

But, today is about how you can make a positive impact on the world, and how you can train yourself to act like it’s #EarthDay, every day. Below are some helpful tips that you can implement in your daily life to help mitigate your carbon footprint.

Saving Water: Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving. Try to collect the water used while washing vegetables, salad, and other foods, to water your houseplants or garden. Water your garden early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce water lost to evaporation. Water only until soil becomes moist, not soggy.

Reducing Waste: Avoid the use of throw away products like paper plates, napkins, plastic knives, forks and cups. Put waste to work in your garden – sweep leaves and flowers into flowerbeds or under shrubs. This will increase soil fertility and reduce the need for frequent watering. Use virtual forms of letters or mail, instead of sending paper. Opt for paperless banking methods and tax forms from the government.

While shopping: Buy fruit and veggies that are in season to help reduce import costs and, where possible, choose locally produced food. Bring your own bags to the grocery and refuse the plastic bags that create waste. Opt for products that have less packaging.

At work: Print on both sides of the paper (or don’t print at all). Try to encourage management to purchase recycled paper only or buy your own notebooks that are sourced sustainably. Switch OFF computer monitors and other equipment at the end of each day (standby mode still uses power). Always turn off your lights and monitors when you go out for lunch or a meeting.

Change your Energy Source: Did you know it’s possible to switch to a green power program that draws more on renewable energy? Green power programs let utilities know that you care about how your electricity is generated, and helps to reduce your personal environmental footprint. By choosing to pay a small surcharge – in the range of 1-3 cents more per kilowatt-hour (varies by state/province) – you can ensure that a larger percentage of the electricity you use comes from a renewable energy source.

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