Renting A House? Six Easy Steps to Make the Kitchen Your Own

Personalising your kitchen is easy if you own your home – but what about if you rent?

You’re probably not allowed to paint, and even if you are, you don’t want to invest in renovating a rented home.   But given how much time we spend in the kitchen cooking and cleaning (and even more if you love to entertain) customising the look and feel of the kitchen is worth it. Here are a few ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen – rental edition, better check with the landlord first.

Personalising your kitchen1. Clear Clutter

Do you have a cupboard or a man-drawer that is stressful to think about? This one may seem a no-brainer, but few of us put aside the time to declutter. Think of the great feeling you have when you wake up in a clean bedroom – now, imagine that in the kitchen.

First, take the time to pull out everything from your cabinets and fridge. Throw out perished food, along with things you don’t need (or even knew you had.)  Next, tackle your cluttered drawers and kitchen cabinets. Think about clever ways to repurpose bins, racks and hooks for kitchen organisation – A Lazy Susan is your best friend for keeping items organised and easily accessible – add open shelving, if permitted and space allows, for additional stylish storage.    Caption:  Easy low cost open shelving using Zenith worktop material from Wilsonart Zenith Material

2. Personalise

Compare your living room or bedroom to your kitchen. If you don’t have an open-plan kitchen, chances are the walls in that room are bare.  If you don’t think the landlord will allow you decorate an easy way to enhance your kitchen is to fill those walls with artwork, photographs  or mirrors. There are lots of no-damage tapes and hooks on the market to make this easy.  Doing this helps add a style your kitchen, adds light and personality which draws attention away from outdated cupboards or surfaces. Sellotape Sticky Fixers

wine refrigerator


3. Expand Your Storage

If you have space (or your kitchen is open-plan), adding some extra storage in the form of wine refrigerator or extra cupboard is a great way to up your rental kitchen game. The important thing is to invest in something that you know you’ll take with you when you move or works well with your other furniture. This way, you don’t have to purchase anything new if you move to another rental.

Extra storage pieces can be anything from a kitchen island (one with wheels are a bonus for versatility) to a smaller freestanding sideboard. These pieces give you more room for food preparation and even more space to add personal touches like plants or recipe books. Danby Wine Coolers

4. Add a Mini fridge

Do you love to entertain and have your kitchen filled with guests?  A great way to elevate your kitchen is to add a mini fridge or an extra freestanding fridge.   With a mini fridge, guests can grab their own drinks. Compact refrigerators range in size so it’s possible to fit one within an island,  on top of a worktop if you’re short on space, or it can stand alone on a spare wall.  With dedicated spaces for wine and other drinks a mini fridge or a great looking standalone fridge like this one from Danby is a great solution while you rent. Plus, buying a mini fridge or extra fridge gives you the  say in the size and style and you have a useful extra cooler when you move in the future. .  Danby Compact Fridges

5. Change the worksurfaces

Check with the owner first but there are lots of inexpensive, easy fit, DIY options for changing tired worktops – no you won’t be able to take them with you, but they will add a hygienic, clean and fresh update to tired, worn and outdated surfaces.  Many can be cut on site by a competent DIYer and installed in a just a few hours for a few hundred pounds.  Some landlords may be happy to meet all or part of the cost.   Kitchens Worktops at Buildbase

6. Install a Temporary Statement BacksplashChange worksurface

You may dream of a beautiful tile backsplash, all while staring at the beige wall behind the counters.  Doing this can drastically change the look of your kitchen and make it easier on the eyes while you daydream of real subway tile. It also removes the worry of repainting before you move out.  Caption:  Vista splashbacks available from

There are many ways you can upgrade your rental kitchen on a budget. From mini fridges for entertaining to decorating and artwork, the options are endless just get the approval from the property owner and don’t spend too much!