Danby’s Kegerator – What You Need to Know

If you are a beer enthusiast then you will come to appreciate the many benefits a Danby kegerator offers. Not only is it economical in the long-run, it also keeps your beer fresh and its flavours more enhanced for extended periods of time.

Anatomy of a Kegerator

Danby’s keg coolers contain a carbon dioxide tank (tank requires charging) and a D System Keg Coupler in order to dispense the beer from the keg to your glass. The D System Keg Coupler is designed to tap the vast majority of domestic beer kegs in the United States and Canada. Along with the CO2 tank and coupler, our Danby kegerators come with the following hardware parts:

What to Consider before Purchasing Your Danby Kegerator

Dual-tap vs. single tap

A dual-tap keg cooler allows you to dispense two different beers from one source while the single tap allows you dispense one beer.

Capacity and Keg size

Kegs come in many different sizes and not all kegeratorss can accommodate each size. Our full size kegerator can hold a 60 litre keg all the way down to a 20 litre keg. It also holds pony kegs which are typically only used for North American beers.

The chart below outlines the different keg types and capacity a Danby keg cooler can hold.


Sixth Barrel Keg

Quarter Barrel Keg (Pony Keg)

Slim Quarter Barrel

Half Barrel Keg (full size Keg)


20 L

30 L

30 L

60 L

Pints (16oz)






23⅜ x 9¼

13⅞ x 16⅛

23⅜ x 11⅛

23⅜ x 16⅛