New Energy Labelling

New Energy Labelling

New labelling explained

New energy labels have been introduced for
*Fridges and freezers
*Wine storage
These new labels are already appearing in product boxes and from 1st March 2021 will replace the old labels on all displays.

Why have new labels?

Major improvements in energy saving technology have raised these household appliances to the top of the rating scale, where they are clustered from A to A+++.To create space for further advances the energy ratings have been revised. Using new measurement criteria, current models will be rated simply from A to G, with no plusses, making it easier for customers to compare products and allowing the industry space to develop eco-performance.

The rescale means that products which may currently be A+++ energy class, will end up being D and E in the new structure. This does not mean that they are any less energy efficient than before.


Old Label Features: Wine Cooler

New Label Features: Wine Cooler

Old Label Features: Fridge/Freezer

New Label Features: Fridge/Freezer