Small Appliances

What You Need to Know – Small Appliances

If you are no stranger to the kitchen you would know that these small appliances allow for fast and convenient cooking. From blenders and food choppers to electric kettles, load up your kitchen with quality small appliances from Danby® to make your day-to-day life a little bit easier.

Questions to ask while shopping.

Let Danby help you pick the best small appliances for your kitchen, so that you can easily create delicious meals. Use these questions as a small appliance buyer’s guide to help you choose the right tools for your counter top!

How much space do I need to be able to use and store this small appliance?

For some of us, counter top space is limited and it might be smarter to opt for a more compact size if available.

Does the finish/color match the décor of my kitchen?

Look for finishes that would easily assimilate with your kitchen décor.

What daily maintenance and cleaning is required for the upkeep of this appliance?

Every appliance has its own maintenance and cleaning requirements. Be sure to educate yourself with these requirements before purchasing a product.

Is the plastic BPA-free?

BPA-free plastic is very important as it reduces exposure to carcinogens. When buying products that contain plastic, make sure to look for the BPA-free logo.

What are the features? Are these features important to you?

Do the extra bells and whistles really add a different realm of functionality for that small appliance or are they just a waste of money? The more features the more complexity they introduce so make sure you analyze whether or not the extra features are worthwhile.