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Compact Chest Freezer from Danby Perfect for Produce


With some British consumers amassing food stores and others looking to freeze home grown produce, Danby has unveiled a compact chest freezer that can be tucked away in a garage, outhouse or under the stairs.


The Danby 140 litre Compact freezer provides perfect long-term storage for surplus fruit, vegetables, herbs and good value seasonal buys, as well as staples, like bread and milk.  Measuring just 75.5 cm by 56.4 cm, the unit is much easier to manage than the giants that used to dominate the home freezer market. It includes a metal basket that is perfect for heavier items such as meat and poultry. The freezer features a manual defrost system with a drain and has a washable interior. It has a smooth all metal back, in line with current fire safety recommendations.

Dimensions: 75cm wide x 57cm deep x 84.5 high. A+ energy rating. Quiet 42db operation.

Price includes a two-year warranty. RRP £179.89


Top Tips for Home Freezing:

  • Open freeze berries such as strawberries, raspberries, etc. on a flat tray then store in labelled bags
  • Stew apples and stone fruit and store in bags, ready for crumbles and pies
  • Remember that green vegetables such as runner beans must be blanched before freezing. Dry on kitchen paper and pack into boxes or bags
  • Chop herbs and mix with water to freeze in ice cube trays. Just drop the whole cube into a sauce or stew – or even a cold drink
  • Courgettes, cucumbers, lettuce and other vegetables that contain a lot of water do not freeze well. Turn tomatoes into sauce or pasta to freeze
  • Carrots and root vegetables can be cooked and pureed for freezing
  • Make one, freeze one, is a great way to get ahead – especially with chilli, pasta sauces, and soups

With back ups in the freezer you’ll never be stuck for a mid-week meal


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