5 Magical Ways to Hide Elf on the Shelf in Your Kitchen

Attention, parents! It’s finally December, and that means Elf on the Shelf is back in town!

The Elf has fast become a wonderful tradition for children. For parents, however, it can become quite the chore.

If this isn’t your first Elf rodeo, you know it gets tough to come up with new and exciting ideas every day. Since you’re not allowed to touch the Elf (in the presence of your child, at least), it needs to be placed somewhere that doesn’t get in the way of everyday life. And although you want to come up with imaginative hiding places, you’re also probably tired by the time everyone’s asleep.

That’s what makes the kitchen the perfect room for Elf on the Shelf. It’s an area of the home that’s away from sleeping children and has plenty of appliances and space to work with. Here are a few easy ideas that utilize your kitchen for Elf scenes and hiding places!

1. Refrigerator

Your fridge can be a fun place to create scenes with your Elf! There’s plenty of room in there to pose the Elf without getting in anyone’s way (if you’re short on space, it’s probably time for a refrigerator purge.)

Elf in fridgeChristmaself_2018 – https://www.instagram.com/p/Bcz3YzzldU9/

If you’re running short on time, wrap the Elf in a small dishtowel or rag and pop it on a shelf in the fridge. It’s a cute idea that the Elf is appropriately wrapped up for the cold – maybe a little taste of the climate back home at the North Pole.

Another easy idea is to add googly eyes to all the sauces, drinks, and other items inside the fridge, with the Elf in the center. It’s like your fridge has come to life thanks to the Elf and its magic!

2. Microwave

It’s a well-known tradition to string popcorn and wrap it all around the Christmas tree – so, what Elf wouldn’t love popcorn?

If you’re okay to let your microwave to have a day off, pop your Elf in the microwave with an open bag of popcorn. This is a cute, quick Elf idea that gives you an excuse to munch on a few popcorn pieces at the end of the night!

3. Blender

No smoothies for a day? No problem.

Elf in blenderNbab21 – https://www.instagram.com/p/BqPhMallgNy/

It takes one second to pop your Elf on top of or hanging off your personal blender. Add some candy around or a note that jokes, “this doesn’t seem like the comfiest seat, but it’ll work!” You’re set!

4. Freezer

Your freezer is another great tool for this hiding game.

All you need is a baking sheet or a small Tupperware that fits in your freezer. Fill it with water, put the Elf on the edge with candy canes as skates and you’re set! Looks like the Elf is ready to skate in your own freezer!

If you’re willing to wake up early in the morning, freeze your Elf in a cup of water overnight. In the morning, take the new Elf ice cube out of the cup and set it on the freezer rack or door shelf. You have no mess and a fun ice-themed set up for the day!

5. Counter Space

Have flour or sprinkles in your pantry? Both can be ingredients for a fantastic yet easy Elf idea. Have your Elf make a snow angel in the edible ‘snow’ of your choice on a counter away from your regular cooking space. Easy peasy!

Elf snow angelChristmaself_2018 – https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp-qHMoljc8

To get extra creative, you can bundle your baking utensils with a quick note saying, “cookies?” Later, if you’ve got the time, bake some delicious cookies and add googly eyes to your utensils and baking ingredients to make it seem like a team effort!

There are endless possibilities if you have extra counter space to work with!

Happy Hiding!

Your kitchen is a treasure trove of appliances and space to utilize for this little Elf. Take advantage of these hiding places when you’re in a pinch!

In the end, enjoy creating a little piece of magic and happiness for your children for 25 days. They’ll remember these moments growing up and you’ll both have fun memories from this little Elf on the Shelf.

Merry Christmas and happy hiding!