Looking to simplify your Easter meal prep?

Let’s face it: Holiday meal prep can be a daunting undertaking. Whether because of the stress that often comes alongside creating a crowd-pleasing menu, accommodating a variety of diet restrictions and food preferences, or trying to cook multiple dishes at once with a limited number of appliances, it’s little wonder that some of the most willing hosts approach these food-focused gatherings with trepidation.

Thankfully, pulling off a delicious, memorable, and stress-free holiday meal is possible —especially when a multipurpose appliance is added to the mix. Enter the Danby 1.0 cu. ft./28 L 5-in-1 Multifunctional Microwave Oven.

A microwave, air fryer, broil/grill, convection cooker, and microwave/convection or microwave/grill combination in one! When the stainless-steel unit is used as a basic microwave, its built-in convection fan system circulates airflow from all angles, cooks food quickly and evenly, and features nine auto menu programs, including dinner plate, vegetables, soup, beverage, potato, oatmeal, pizza, cake and cookie. Perfect for a variety of Easter-focused main dishes and desserts!

As an air fryer, the appliance allows users to enjoy the crispy and crunchy French fries, onion rings, chicken, seafood, spring rolls, and mozzarella sticks they love, but with a healthy twist since, unlike traditional deep fryers that require a substantial amount of oil, this unit requires very little to function. Just pop in your favourite frozen savory snack set the unit to air fryer mode, and the unit will produce a tasty “fried” version before you know it!

Its versatile convection functionality allows it to perform as a regular oven with temperatures that range from 100 F to 425 F with or without preheating, making it the perfect appliance for cooking or baking that second or third Easter side dish or dessert. Last-minute veggie additions that you constantly struggle to find cooking space for can be seared, browned, or grilled on the unit’s broil/grill setting, which features a top heating element with a timed function that can be set for five to 95 minutes. Finally, the unit’s combination cooking option allows users to choose the microwave/convection combo or the microwave/grill features.

The microwave oven has a warming feature that keeps a just-cooked entree or freshly baked dessert toasty with its low-temperature control feature. It also features a yogurt-making, bread-raising, and slow-cooking setting that makes it a must for any holiday — or every day — meal.

Finally, this multipurpose unit also enables users to defrost a host of meals based on weight or time, and to deodorize the unit’s cavity to help remove unwanted smells that may linger after use. It features a child control lock with an on/off sound function, and each unit comes complete with a turntable, grill tray, and rack, plus an 18-month warranty on parts and labor with carry-in service. All this and it looks great and is relatively compact while sitting on your counter, as well!

Find out more about the Danby Multifunctional Microwave Oven and other Danby appliances at danby.com.

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