Living in a Condo? Go for a Mini Fridge.

Even retired baby boomers with full-blown pensions don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on enormous houses with three floors. Living in smaller one or two person home has become an incredibly popular choice for people entering their golden years.

Mini Fridges Save Space

Condos exist to make the most out of a smaller living space. In fact, they often look more expensive than the average home because people can spend their money designing and decorating fewer rooms. They usually adhere to an open concept to appear larger than the amount of square footage suggests, too.

Compact fridges save space in condos that need to use every square foot. Social areas call for mini fridges that don’t require your guests to move constantly between the kitchen and the lounge for refreshments.

Mini Fridges Save Energy

Mini fridges save energy consumption when designed properly from the outset. For example, most of Danby’s compact fridges come with an Energy Star rating to certify that they will use your electric power responsibly. It wouldn’t make sense to save money on a mini fridge just to pay increased energy bills, would it?

This has become a major factor for buyers who want to make the most of a smaller living space and budget. The world needs to manage its energy consumption better than it did in the twentieth century, and that’s why compact fridges fit so well into the twenty-first century lifestyle.

Environmental friendliness is not just the responsible thing to practice—it’s also the smart way to save money. Most compact fridges use a bit more energy per cubic foot than full-scale fridges because they don’t have the same amount of insulation, but they can run on a similar level of efficiency.

For reference, compact fridges usually need to use energy 20% more efficiently than the federal standard to earn the Energy Star rating. That alone can save you up to $300 in energy costs over the fridge’s lifetime—and that’s $100 more than most mini fridges cost! Buying with Energy Star certification can actually make the fridge pay for itself compared to non-certified units.

Mini Fridges Make Sense

Put one in the rooms where you entertain guests, or put them in a home office—the point is that you will save yourself the trouble of breaking your concentration or the conversation with a mini fridge. It just makes sense to have a mini fridge nearby for people to make themselves conveniently at home.

Many retirees move into condos to reduce the distance they walk and the stairs they climb. The body’s joints become more delicate with age, which is why moving into a condo proved to be such a smart move in the first place. Compact fridges just take this to the next logical stage.

They generally don’t come with freezer components, but that’s a conscious design principle intended to maximize space for what you want to refrigerate. It’s not as if a condo’s living rooms will feature microwaves and miniature kitchens, after all. You need to place things strategically to get the most out of your condo!

Mini fridges should fit with your home—not the other way around. Find the one that fits your lifestyle best.