Interning at Danby Group- Home of Microwaves, Air Conditioners, Refrigeration and More!

Coming into a corporate setting has never been more nerve-racking and exciting. My name is Justin Tang and this is my story as a marketing intern with the Danby Group.

It’s already been two months and a week since I first started. Time does fly when you’re having fun! Here at Danby, I have worked on multiple projects to apply the knowledge I have learned from university and applied it in a job setting. I came into Danby not knowing much about compact appliances for home-use and the whole business process of a product. As time progresses I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and can attest my ability through educating my parents and friends about the creation and execution of each Danby product, which are sold at major retailers such as: Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Costco, and Amazon.

What do I love about working for the Danby Group? One of the things that I love most about Danby is the friendly culture and people. Danby goes out of the way to make the transition into the corporate experience easy. Every day, when I walk into the office everyone is smiling. This was something I have never seen before. Right off the bat I knew that Danby was for me. This reminded me of a quote that I’ve heard before, “A smile is the universal welcome”.

I was able to experience two summer BBQ’s that lets everyone meet and get to know each other. I saw this as an opportunity to introduce myself as a summer student and make the great connections for the near future. One thing that will be the most memorable moment at Danby is being able to interact with the President/CEO of the company, Jim Estill. How many interns can say that they have spoken to the President/CEO from a face-to-face perspective? I would probably say close to zero. Not only did I speak to him in a casual manner, I also had the opportunity  to interview with him for a role within the company. Gaining that experience and transferring it over to the next interview in the future will be very beneficial.

As the summer is coming to a near end, this means that back school is right around the corner. That’s right! Back to school for students and Danby offers a plethora of appliances that is suitable for university students. A product that I would definitely recommend for students would be a mini fridge. The compact fridge is very convenient and it’s priced fairly. The functionality of the fridge is at the user’s choice. It can store microwaveable foods and drinks of your choice. From personal experiences, as a Danby user I store fruits, vegetables, drinks, and even hot foods in the fridge. Very convenient and easy space to store more food when the common fridge shared amongst roommates is filled. If you are looking for other back to school must haves, check out Danby’s blog on what appliances you need for your dorm room here.

Overall, as an intern I have taken in so much information about appliances and that is exactly why I wanted to pursue this internship. The variety of projects that I was able to complete within a budgeted timeline is incredible and the relationships I have built with colleagues within Danby are everlasting. I definitely wish I could stay longer and I am looking forward to doing another work-term with Danby in the near future!

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