How to Store Your Air Conditioner When Not in Use

As the warmer temperatures come to an end, many people are packing away their window or portable AC units. Proper storage of these units in the offseason can prolong the lifetime of your units. Here are some tips to help you get as many seasons out of your Danby air conditioner as possible.

Wrap the Power Cord with Care Before Storing it

Naturally your unit should be turned off and unplugged from the outlet. To store the power cord conveniently and keep it from tangling, gently wrap it. The shoulder-wrap, braid-wrap, or our preferred over-under-wrap techniques can all be used. Tape, plastic tag loops, tag strings, hangtags, or rubber bands can all be used to secure the wrapped cord.

Avoid Exposure to External Elements, Choose a Dry Location

Appliances should not be exposed to direct sunlight, precipitation, or ice without some sort of protection. The plastic housing will discolor or become yellowish after prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Aside from damaging the portable AC, it will also produce toxic by-products. Keep your unit indoors in a dry location with a wetness level that doesn’t go beyond 50%, since this will encourage the growth of mold and other dangerous germs. If your portable AC can’t be stored, buy a special cover to protect it.

Sanitize and Drain the Water Tank

Portable air conditioners dehumidify and collect water as they cool. You must drain the water tank in order to prevent moisture from corroding the fan motor or compressor during the winter. To release any trapped water, disassemble the drain knob and rubber hose.

Clean The Filter or Replace it

An air filter is a standard feature of portable air conditioners that prevents the passage of dust, hair, and other impurities. Remove the air filters, then vacuum up any remaining debris. Rinse it with mild soap and lukewarm water to remove any persistent contaminants. Prior to attempting to reinstall and store the portable AC, let the filter air dry. If you’d rather avoid all the hassle, throw away the old filter and replace it with a fresh one.

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub & Pack ‘Er Up

Scrub the outside of your portable AC with a damp cloth, paying special attention to the spaces between the ventilation for dust and grime. To get rid of tough stains, combine some water with distilled white vinegar. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe away any dust from the internal components if they are accessible through a removable panel. If everything is spotless, let it air dry and then check its condition before putting it in the storage area. Remove any removable hoses, vents, or components and set them away. Make sure the air conditioner is sat upright. This will stop the compressor from being under unneeded pressure and allow the oil to settle.

Other than that, you’re all set! Stay cool and comfortable with our portable AC units available in a wide range of BTUs, sizes and types. Check out our full lineup here.

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