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Premiere 30 Dehumidifier

  • Energy Star
  • Premiere 30  Dehumidifier - DDR30A2GP

Premiere 30 Dehumidifier

  • Energy Star
  • White
Smart Move.


This portable Energy Star-rated dehumidifier is the ideal appliance to keep your room less humid and cool during the sweaty days of summer. It’s designed to remove as many as 30 pints (14.2 litres) of excess moisture from areas of up to 2,000 square feet per day, making it perfect for apartments, condos and large rooms. The unit comes with two quiet fan speeds which can be controlled electronically via the digital keypad. The automatic de-icing feature will make sure the coils won’t freeze up and cleaning can be done quickly and easily with the removable air filter. If you’d like to cool down another room the rolling castors make it an easy model to move elsewhere. There’s also an auto restart as well as a low-temperature feature which enables the environmentally-friendly dehumidifier to operate continuously until the temperature hits 5ºC (41ºF). 


Product Width33.02 cm13 3/8"
Product Depth25.40 cm10 3/8"
Product Height53.34 cm21 1/4"
Shipping Weight14.90kg32.85lb
Loading Capacity
  • 30


24 months parts and labor carry-in service. Installation and/or Yearly Maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.