Danby Parcel Guard Basic Mailbox

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  • Secure locking mailbox: this 2-compartment mailbox allows for packages to be placed inside the drop slot and quickly retrieved by manually unlocking the bottom door
  • Anti-theft mailbox: the Danby Parcel Guard is designed to help stop parcel theft with our anti-theft parcel slot. The slot stop’s hands from entering the unit
  • Fits standard size parcels: this mailbox fits most standard size parcels (15 x 10 x 8)
  • Weatherproof: the grey industrial-grade plastic is specially designed to withstand the elements
  • Ground secure: the Danby Parcel Guard basic mailbox can be bolted to the ground, or additional weight can be put into the bottom to help secure the unit.
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • Anti-theft parcel slot, which stops hands from entering the unit
  • Drop parcel size left/right 16â€? Top/bottom 9â€? Front/back 11â€?
  • Bottom storage: left/right 17.5â€? Top/bottom 16â€? Front/back 14â€?
  • 24-month warranty on parts and labor with in-home service


Protect your purchases with a Danby Parcel Guard Basic Mailbox, the anti-theft, locking mailbox for your home. Stop worrying about porch pirates and weather-damaged boxes. Danby Parcel Guard Basic keeps all your online deliveries safe until you get home. Your delivery driver places your packages inside the Danby Parcel Guard basic’s anti-theft drop slot. To retrieve your deliveries, unlock the keyed bottom compartment. This model is designed with industrial-grade grey plastic to withstand the elements, so your unit won’t rust or fade. Bolt your mailbox to the ground for additional security or add extra weight to the unit’s base. Lastly, this mailbox fits most standard-size parcels, making this unit the perfect host to all your online shopping deliveries.

Package Dimensions
  • Package Width
    53.34 cm
  • Package Depth
    45.72 cm
  • Package Height
    104.14 cm
  • Product Weight
    47 lbs
    21.32 kg
  • Package Weight
    50 lbs
    22.68 kg

    24 months parts and labor with in-home service. Installation and yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty. 

    Information pertaining to watts and camps can be found on the rating plated located on the side of the unit.
    LED LightsDevice Mode
    Steady MagentaAP Mode
    Green blink every 1 secDevice is attempting to connect to a router
    Magenta blink every 1 secDevice connected to router but no internet connectivity
    Blue blink every 1 secDevice trying to register to cloud
    Steady BlueDevice Registered on Cloud
    Yellow blink every 1 secBarcode Scanning
    White blinkMotion detection
    Cyan blink every 1 secFirmware Upgrading
    Red blink every 1 secTheft detection
    Yellow LED SteadyFactory Reset/Board Powered up
    unplug and then disconnect the power cord from the unit and bring indoors for 6 hours as there may have been humidity affecting contacts at the plug or connector, then reconnect.
    Check the wireless signal strength from your router and ensure that the internet upload speed available is > 1Mbps
    If the temperature is very cold, the lock may be frozen. The lock could be needing to be oiled as well.
    Ensure the lock on the lower door is fully engaged. If not, then unlock the door, open and close to door to ensure it is fully closed, then try and lock it again.
    Ensure the lower compartment is empty and that there are no packages blocking the closing mechanism.
    To reset the unit press and hold the reset button, located inside the unit behind the lock for 30 seconds.