Danby 60 Pint Déshumidificateur

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  • 60 U.S. pint (28.4 litre) capacity per 24 hours
  • For areas up to 4,000 sq. ft. depending on conditions
  • Energy Star® compliant
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant
  • Smart dehumidify function: Unit will automatically control room humidity by factoring in ambient temperature
  • Electronic controls
  • 2 Fan speeds (High/Low)
  • Low temperature feature allows the system to continue to operate at temperatures as low as 41ºF (5ºC)
  • Auto Restart: unit automatically restarts after a power failure
  • Auto de-icer prevents frost build up
  • Direct drain feature allows for continuous operation
  • Reusable, washable air filter
  • 4 castors for easy room to room transport


Get rid of unwanted moisture from your home with this 60-pint dehumidifier by Danby. This dehumidifier removes up to 60 pints (28.4 liters) of moisture in a 24 hour period and is ideal for spaces up to 4,000 square feet. The smart dehumidify function will automatically control room humidity by factoring in ambient temperature – no guesswork required. The automatic shutoff feature prevents the bucket from overflowing and with the direct drain feature you have the option of continuous operation. Energy Star rated, this unit also comes with a 24-hour timer that allows you to run your Danby dehumidifier during off-peak hours to help save on your monthly hydro bill. If you’re planning to use this unit somewhere cold like a basement, the automatic de-icer feature allows the unit to run in temperatures as low as 41ºF (5ºC).

Dimensions du produit
  • Largeur du produit
    16 2/16"
    40.64 cm
  • Profondeur du produit
    11 13/16"
    27.94 cm
  • Hauteur du produit
    24 4/16"
    60.96 cm
    Dimensions de l'emballage
    • Largeur du paquet
      65.71 cm
    • Profondeur du paquet
      32.99 cm
    • Hauteur du paquet
      44.70 cm
    • Poids du produit
      38.8014 lbs
      17.60 kg
    • Poids de l'emballage
      42.9901 lbs
      19.50 kg

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