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La description

This Mini-Split Air Conditioner with heat pump system provides 17,000 BTU of cooling and heating - designed to cool and heat rooms up to 320 sq. ft. This model’s variable speed inverter ensures this is achieved quietly and efficiently! This unit is DoE certified, so its designed to help save you money, and the low temperature operation and heat pump make it a year-round solution for your home, office, or cottage. The active carbon air filter helps remove contaminants and impurities from the air, and the turbo mode feature enables the unit to reach pre-set temperatures quickly. There’s also an Anti-Cold Draft feature that blocks cold air from entering your space while the unit is in heating mode. This unit also comes with a 24 month parts only warranty.


Dimensions (Unité intérieure)
Largeur du produit 98.55 cm 38.8"
Profondeur du produit 32.00 cm 12.6"
Hauteur du produit 22.61 cm 8.9"
Dimensions (Unité extérieure)
Largeur du produit 95.50 cm 37.6"
Profondeur du produit 39.12 cm 15.4"
Hauteur du produit 70.10 cm 27.6"
Poids à l'expédition 53.25kg 117.40lb
Power Specifications
Wattage Watts
Amperage Ne s'applique pas


  • 21.0 SEER rating DoE Certified: Helps save you a considerable amount for heating and cooling
  • Designed to cool and heat rooms up to 320 sq. ft.
  • Low Temp Operation: Operates at temperatures as low as 5F/-15C making it ideal for scenarios that requires year-round cooling, while the Heat Pump makes it a 4-season solution
  • Comes pre-charged with R410-A refrigerant
  • Active Carbon Air filter: Helps remove contaminants and impurities in the air, and dual washable filters that help provide quality air for your home
  • Turbo Mode: Enables the unit to reach the pre-set temperature in the shortest time
  • Louver Angle Memory: When the unit is turned on, the louver will automatically revert to last stored position
  • Anti-Cold Draft: Fan speed and louver angle adjust according to ambient temperature to prevent cold air in heating mode
  • Warranty: 24 months (parts only)


24 months only parts. Installation and/or yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.

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