It’s Getting Hot Out! Predictions for Much Hotter Summer!

Summer is officially 23 days away, but the United States and Canada are in for another high heat season. According to CNN, nearly the entire U.S. is expected to have above-normal temperatures this summer, which runs from June through August. 

Summer 2022 Temperature Outlook U.S.


Weather patterns are changing! Predictions for a much hotter summer, according to The Weather Channel. The north-central U.S. is forecast to see temperatures that are the most above average as we kick off summer 2022 in June. The northern Rockies, Northern Plains and upper Midwest are likely to have a swelter in a hotter than average July. The core of August’s anomalous heat is expected from the Great Lakes to northern New England. 

Texas saw a preview of what is to come a few weeks ago, with extremely high temperatures reaching 112° Fahrenheit (44.4° Celsius). Climate change has made the Texas heat worse, with less relief as nighttime temperatures warm, according to the Office of the Texas State Climatologist. Heatwaves have happened in the past; however, climate change makes heatwaves more prolonged, extreme, and frequent. 

Summer 2022 Temperature Outlook Canada

Hotter Summer

U.S.-based Farmers’ Almanac forecasted Canada to have a sizzling summer! Blistering hot temperatures of 30 to 35°C are expected across Central and Western Canada in the middle of July. However, around the Great Lakes and points east, the overall averages will be seasonably warm temperatures. The American publication has been issuing annual forecasts based on an over 200-year-old formula.

Beat the Heat

Getting Hot

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