Bar Fridge Heaven – The Ultimate Man Cave

You might be wondering, what is a “man cave”? While the ideas behind the “man cave” have been around for many years, the term “man cave” is fairly new. To some a “man cave” or “manspace” is a room typically designed by a man, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement with the purpose of being a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with friends. If you are exploring the idea of creating a man cave, it would not be complete without a bar fridge, air hockey table, putting green, big screen TV, or reclining chair.

So, why do you need a bar fridge in your man cave?

• Easy access to “beverages” so you don’t have to bug one of your buddies to grab you a cold “pop”
• Food will always be handy – stock your bar fridge! There will be no need for you to go upstairs or downstairs to the kitchen regularly
• Take it one step further and impress your buddies with a Molson or Coors Light wrapped fridge instead of a plain white, black or stainless
• A small fridge won’t take up too much space… leaving more room for your pool table, recliner, etc.

How would you go about creating a “man cave”?

• Take time to walk through the room you want as your “man cave” and visualize what you want it to look like.
• Pick an accessory you want to make part of your room and build off of that – Example: Pool table or air hockey table
• Measure your space so you know how much you can put in it and plan on paper where you will put all your “man cave” accessories
• Make a list of tools you will need to fix up the room – what you don’t have borrow from friends or family
• Check out the DIY network or Pinterest for ideas – if you are designing your “man cave” on a budget, consider doing some things yourself
Example: Tables and decor
• Ask your friends for help – they will be hanging out in the “man cave” too!

Throughout time, men all over the world have continued to build and hang out in “man caves”… sometimes not even being aware it was a “man cave”. Any time men designed their own study, office, studio, den, or apartment they were contributing to the growth and advancement of the term “man cave”.

It seems as though these days that the “man cave” is no longer the place where a man goes to get away from everything but it has evolved to become a place that has been design or styled by a man. It has also become a place that is shared with friends and family, and not male exclusive.

The future of the “man cave” is still alive… the bar fridge, reclining chair and big screen will never die! Now get out there and start creating your very own “man cave”… or should I say, “family cave”?

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